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couples with different last names.

I'm inviting many people who are married and didn't change there last name. I also have a few that are engaged and live together. Do i write out both last names on the envelopes? Also if someone I'm inviting has been dating there significant other for a couple yrs should i still just put their name and guest or include the significant others name even if they don't live together.

sorry lots of questions in one!


Re: couples with different last names.

  • For the couples that are married with different last names:
     Mrs. Jane Smith and Mr. Tom Jones (all on one line, joined by the word "and")

    For the engaged or living together couples:
    Ms. Jane Smith
    Mr. Tom Jones
    (separate lines, no "and" joining the names)

    If you are inviting someone with a significant other, get the significant other's name and include it on the invite.  If the guest does not have a significant other but will be invited to bring a guest of their choosing, you would write "and guest."  

    Crane has a handy guide to just about every addressing situation:
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    Yes, you write both names. Ms. Jane Doe and Mr. John Smith
    (I've learned on here that Mrs. is only if you take the man's name and you keep it the Mrs. if you get divorced and keep his name.)
    Second question - are you doing outer envelopes and inner?
    If yes, write only the friends's name on the otter envelope. On the inner write the friend's name and the SO. 
    The SO is invited bc they are a social unit with the friend, they would only be sent their own invite if they would still be invited if the couple broke up. (Even then you don't have to send 2 separate invites.) 
    If you aren't doing inner envelopes put both of their formal names on the outer envelope.
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  • Whoops, I mis-typed.  Photokitty is correct- it is "Ms." unless the woman has taken her spouse's last name.
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