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stand up wood letters

hi everyone. of course, i've found both wood and white letters at michael's. however, they do not stand up on their own. i do not really want them laying down. i wanted to have "m & r," our initials. any ideas on how to get these to stand up on their own? also, i did not see the "&" symbol at michael's either. any ideas for how to make/ find the "&" symbol?
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Re: stand up wood letters

  • I would attach them to a wood base, sort of like this:

  • PP is right. I'm planning on making us "mr" and "mrs" stands with letters, and plan to just use a hot glue gun to attach the letters to some circular wooden bases (which I found at JoAnn's next to the wooden letters).
  • i had a feeling that i should attach them to a base. i was not sure if hot glue would work. thanks a lot for confirming my thoughts!
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  • In Response to Re: stand up wood letters:
    i had a feeling that i should attach them to a base. i was not sure if hot glue would work. thanks a lot for confirming my thoughts!
    Posted by MCRM22011

    I would use wood glue.  Should have some at a home improvement store like Home Depot or Lowes.
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  • E-6000 glue will stick to 99% of all materials and is SUPER strong and reliable!!! And depending on where you are placing the letters at you could attach them to small wooden sticks and then stagger them and attach to a base. Good luck
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    Not sure the size you bought at Michaels, but I bought white letters there and they actually have wood bases that have a groove cut into it that holds the letters.  The white letters I bought fit in these bases but also had holes in the bottom of the letters to use with the wood base that had pegs along with it so the letters would be elevated on the pegs

    Here is a picture of my letters I used for my card box sign (I used the wood base with the pegs)...please excuse the mess in the background :)

  • FYI- haven't attempted this yet.. may be a great fail.. But I recenlty bought  letters that say I DO from Michaels and painted them. I also  bought these small wood square blocks that I planned to use wood glue to glue them to the bottom on the back side so that they would have a base to stand straight up.  I plan on using these letters on my cupcake/cake table.

  • ........did anyone find the " & " symbol?????
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