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July 2011 Weddings

I may have "lost" a "check" tonight..but it's all good news :)

I just found out my hairdresser is pregnant!

Which is crazy exciting!

The only bummer is she's super awesome and regularily does mine and three other BM's hair, so it was going to be really fun having her help us get ready and all purdy!  (she's due in April and it's her first baby, and obviously wants to take time off for awhile!)

Anyway, just wanted to AW for her..lol!

So..back to the drawing board for me..she gave me a recommendation and I also have someone else in mind to ask.  But, hairdresser is back on the list of things to do ;-)  Oh, well!
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Re: I may have "lost" a "check" tonight..but it's all good news :)

  • Oh no!  The same thing happened to me with my make up artist but she found someone else for me which was a huge help!  Did you ask her if she'd be willing to do something under the table for you for just the day, maybe she could travel on site or something?  You might have to buy the supplies she'd need (curling iron, hot rollers, bobby pins, etc), but she might be willing to do something for an afternoon for a little extra cash-it's worth asking.
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  • Too bad for you, but what fabulous news for your hairdresser!!!
  • That is too bad, but exciting as well.  At least you already have some options and time to make sure you like them!
  • Ohh man! It is bittersweet though....

    GL on the new search!
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  • Thanks girls..the fun part is I get to go find new hairdressers and do a bunch of trial runs :)
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