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November 2011 Weddings

Photographer, check!

We officially booked our photographer this week! I'm excited, because he's a good photographer and has awesome prices. I wanted to book ASAP because he told me he's already booked up for next summer and has had bookings into October. I wanted to snap him up!! :)

Next on my list is DJ probably. However, I think I'm going to take my time on this one. I need to convince FI it's worth it to have one and I want to find a good deal. This will probably the most stressful decision, because for awhile we talked about not even having a DJ. However, I'm thinking it'll probably be best for our type of party that we'd like if we just went this route. If we get a good deal on one, it will only be a few hundred more than if we rented the equipment and used an iPod. I also have to figure out the music situation with the ceremony, so this might come into play when choosing a DJ. Oh the decisions!!!

Re: Photographer, check!

  • congrats!
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  • congrats on your big check.  im having trouble choosing a DJ and band aswell,  the problem is that they only play private gigs so i cant get to view them before i decide.  i also want a live guitarist to play at the welcome drinks part, but dont think i have the budget for it so that is also annoying me!
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  • So as a follow up, I've talked to FI and I think he's on board with getting a DJ as long as it's cheap. I've found this guy who will do ceremony + reception for $475. He also doesn't require a deposit or a contract, but will do a contract if requested. Is he too good to be true??
  • that does seem quite cheap, maybe he would let you go and view some of his gigs, or give you some links to some videos/live recordings.  if he doesnt i would be suspicious.
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  • I sent him an email yesterday asking to see his contract and why he was cheaper than others. He replied that he's been doing it for awhile and just hasn't updated his prices. He says he's concerned about the perception that his services are inferior so he's actually been thinking about raising his prices sometime. He said that he charges a flat rate because it's just easier on everyone and playing music is the fun part fo him, so he doesn't see an extra hour or two as "work." I appreciated his transparency and response time.

    It's nice to have someone reply to you via email instead of trying to get you on the phone and sell you their services. It's also nice that someone's not trying to rip you off because you said the word "wedding." I'm going to take a look at the contract, but so far he seems like a good option.
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