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Dang! I lil bit irritated

I just got 4 STD's back in the mail ( insert immature giggle). Im a lil irritated. 3 because people who live in apartments didn't write their apartment number. How am I supposed to know u live in an apartment building. UGH! Thats 2 bucks for this "baller on a budget". I'ma send 3 of them directly to my mom's house and let them come pick it up. I don't what happened with the last one. I just called my bro to confirm (it's his house) and it seems to be correct. Well, I hope we don't get anymore back.
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Re: Dang! I lil bit irritated

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    Dang i jacked up the title. smh!
    " he's the perfect rhyme to a tight beat." Wedding Countdown Ticker Follow Me on Pinterest
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    That is my worst fear right now.  I plan on sending mine out in a couple weeks and keep reviewing the mailing address.  So sorry it happen to you and I sure hope you dont get anymore back.
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  • MsAmeera25MsAmeera25 member
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    That happened to me too...I was annoyed I wasted a stamp lol...I ended up sending them a STD email...cause i'm cheap lol


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    I got at least 15 back. Some were apartment issues. Some were no mail receptacle. Some I have no idea why.... I was happy I used postcards and thus .29 postage.
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  • happe2getherhappe2gether member
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    Girl I feel ya! I got back 4 too! I know exactly what you are saying.  I'm gonna FB everybody and if it is good them I'm good to go otherwise, X off the list.
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    AHHHHHH!! The fear of getting invites back just scared me with all that time and money I spent on THEM and the EXTRA POSTAGE!! :/ lol
  • sheshedukeshesheduke member
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    I got a wedding invite in the mail while we were on our honeymoon WTF and the person that it was mailed too was at the dang gone wedding I hate the mail service at times like this my invites went out in July dang gone it.
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