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I asked my hair dresser (Pearland) if she and 2 other ladies would come down to our hotel (Galveston) do my hair as well as my 9 bridesmaids (and the moms if they want). The price she gave was $150 for mine and anywhere from $75-$100 for bridesmaids. For my trial (portraits) mine would be $75. They are traveling so I know the cost is a little more...

This is just hair. I haven't found a make-up artist. I am a committed customer of theirs and have been with them for about 15 yrs. Does this sound unreasonable? Or is this what I should expect? I was thinking I could get hair and make-up for about $200ish... Maybe I was just off :o)
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Re: Hair/Make-Up

  • Elle1036Elle1036 member
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    I do think that sounds a little high, but I don't know much about these types of things.  Are you going for a really complicated updo?  I think sometimes it can cost more depending on the style.

    Maybe just tell them exactly what you told us.  Say that you really wanted to use them since you trust them and like giving them yourbusiness, but that $150 is a little above your budget.
  • Eboix518Eboix518 member
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    The girl that did my hair and make-up charged me $200 for hair and air-brush makeup, completely worth it, but I thinks he charges $100 for hair

    As a bridesmaid I have paid up to $75 for hair
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    I think those prices are pretty normal. A lot of the hair and makeup people I have looked at have had prices around those
    xoxo, Jennifer
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    i think that's expensive.  i got married on cape cod in massachusetts, which is a pretty expensive place to start with. my hair was $70 for an updo, make up was $50. the most expensive person i talked to charged $250 for both.
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    I think that's expensive, I paid $160 for hair/makeup at local salon. I don't know what type of up-do is worth $150 unless it's complicated, I think you might find a salon in Galveston area that has better prices.

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    Thanks for the input ladies! I have a meeting with my lady tomorrow to discuss pricing and ideas. Hope I can do some work ;)
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    Hotel Galvez has a spa with lots of expertise in bridal hair and makeup for reasonable prices.
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    Not sure if you have found someone yet for hair and makeup but I do both and travel to Galveston way cheaper than that I am open on March 31st. www.hairbyliz.com
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