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When Compiling Your Guest List????

Good Morning Sisters,

I have started to get back in the swing of wedding planning.School is finally out Wheww Heww....
Anyhow, I would like some input when putting together your guest list what were some things you took in consideration? What did you do to decide who makes the cut or not?
Fi and I has always estimated about 125 to 150 guests. When I first started early last year I had about 125 people not including FI list. I looked it over the other day and realized there was family and friends listed whom I dont even talk to or really deal with.
What should I do? Input is needed...

Re: When Compiling Your Guest List????

  • happe2getherhappe2gether member
    edited December 2011

    You sound like me. Initially my list was LONG then I did exactly like you said and I cut everyone who I didn't talk to and just focused on family and my closest friends who knew we were together this long (5 yrs now) and who we knew would definitely come to our wedding.  Then FI and I sat down and figured out how many guests we thought we could comfortably afford to have there and just started working from there.

    HTH a little.

    SN - I see your city is Milwaukee.  We have about 120 invited from the Milwaukee area alone (the biggest group). 
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    we are in the exact same situation. We are shooting for 125-150 too and i had 139 on my first list before he added his. We are doing an ABC list. A=must invite, B=Should invite and C=would be nice to invite. My prob is that I feel as if I MUST invite everyone. Maybe doing the ABC list will help. 

    Also, think about the reason why you haven't seen or spoken to those people. For example, We're having a destination wedding. I haven't seen my cousins in Louisiana in a east 10 years. My fam lives in CA so if they haven't come to LA to see their fam why would they come to AZ to see some of the family. So out of town people are something to consider. 
    Hope that helps a little.
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    Thanks So Much For The Input.  Im looking at that list like I dont even talk with these people anymore.
    Are you from the Milwaukee Area?

  • happe2getherhappe2gether member
    edited December 2011

    No - not me.  FI is from Milwaukee and all his extended family is there.  I've only been there once (when it wasn't snowing hard - LOL) and enjoyed the parts we visited.  FI is a diehard Milwaukeean through and through; it's just grown on me. 

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    We started off with 150, with that being 75 for both of us. That helped to eliminate inviting everyone. I told my FI that once he reached 75, that was it! It was a struggle at first, but in the end it worked out cause we're only expecting about 100 anyway.
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    If you don't really talk to them but feel that they should be acknowledged just send them an announcement. That way you let them know that you are getting married but they are under no obligation to send a present.
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