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Lebanon Peeps?!

Anyone from the Lebanon area? My bestie just got engaged and is looking for reception venues in Lebanon (or at least real close to Leb-town). I know there isn't much in that area. Besides firehalls, legions and VFW's is there someplace I'm missing? TIA!

Re: Lebanon Peeps?!

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    I'm in Lebanon, myself.. check out this site or have her check it out.. and Congrats to her..
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    If Hershey isn't to far, I heard the antique auto museum is a beautiful place to have a reception though depending where in Lebanon you are, that could be a bit of a drive.  Also, you could try checking out some of the hotels in the area like Holiday Inn.
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    Tell her to try Willow Springs in Richland thats a nice place if shes looking for an out door venue. If the Reading area isn't too far for her tell her to look at berkscountyweddings.com that site has been a major help to me! I was also recently at a wedding at the Hebron Fire Hall in Lebanon (across from the prison) and it was beautiful! I had NOOO idea how nice it was inside it definitely doesn't look like a fire hall from the inside!!
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    Be careful with both the museum and the holiday Inn (grantville).. With holiday the lady I was dealing with said I could not book until our year and a half mark (I was checking into booking at 2 yrs out).. and our year and a half would be this April.. I contacted her  in feb waiting about 2 weeks just for her to reply back to me only to tell me THEY BOOKED my date., I was ready and able to book to it back in Oct. 2009-which was 2 yrs before our wedding date. She lied and told me I could not book until the year and a half mark.
    Best of luck and I hope she treats you and or your friend better. I would not recommd that place to anyone. I had my heart set on that place it broke me into peices finding out they booked my date.....
    The museum deal--I called, the guy never called back.. I emailed, he sorta pushed me away.. not best of service there...

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    I'm in myerstown...  I actually have never been in the place...but the Lantern Lodge is right on 422/501, real close to me....but I hear it's really nice. I'm sure they don't have an outside area, due to other buildings/houses being in close proximity, but I'm sure they have decent accomadations indoors. Other than that, Lebanon itself has the Quality Inn on Route 72 south bound (not sure about anything here,...service, looks, etc), and numerous fire halls (with hebron being extremely nice. Most of the other halls do look like typical fire halls....

    I do know that South Hills (outside park) also put up a beautiful gazebo, complete with flowers recently. I think that'd be a nice spot for an outdoor ceremony, but again I don't know any details (price, size limitations, etc). 

    If you're thinking of throwing a bridal shower (I did one back in Sept 2008)...Country Fare restaurant in Myerstown (again on 422) let us rent one of the private rooms (was actually a separate building itself, VERY nice for a shower) and bring in our own food (sandwiches, macaroni salad, fruit), which was very surprising to me.  I believe it was only $75/4 hours, then the price of the cake on top. But their bakery is OUTSTANDING!!!  I think if you bought their food (a minimum required) the rental of $75 was covered, but not 100% sure. And this was back in 2008, not sure what's changed since then.

    Sorry I couldn't help more, but good luck & hope this helps!!!

    Tara :)
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