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Gel Overlay Girls

I cant' remember what board I was on - but I know there were several girls who get gel overlays on their nails to help them stay strong and natural looking.

I'm curious - how often do you get them done and do you have to have the overlays removed and redone at any point? (like you have to do with tips?)
I'm two months out - and I'm thinking I'd do the overlay to help my nails not break - but I don't want to have to have it all removed and redone prior to the wedding.


Re: Gel Overlay Girls

  • JenO24JenO24 member
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    When you go to the salan to have your nails done ask then to put the gel overlay on once they've done everything...the coating will help make your nails stronger (no so breakable) and stay looking "freshly done" longer.

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  • I've gotten them done twice now. They should last about 3 weeks (mine only lasted 2 because they got so long and I kept smacking them around...this time I got them cut short) But yea they don't have to remove anything..they just file it down and fill it in, like an acrylic fill. So in the 2 months you have left you'll have to get at least 2 fills.
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  • I'm always wary about acrylic or gel simply because they do make the nails very weak and thin when they're taken off.  I've had a lot of success with a nail strengthener.  It's called Nail Optimizer.  It's the best one I've used. 
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  • I haven't used this but at Sally's I saw a clear nail polish that is supposed to work like that gel- keep your nails from breaking but it comes right off with nail polish remover and its def way cheaper.  I would check that out.
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  • I can't say enough great things about gel nails! i got them on right after our engagement and still (5 months later...) can't bring myself to get them taken off because I love them soo much!
    Mine hold up really well, though I'm not really that tough on my nails. I do use a lot of cleansers (bleach, soaps etc) around the house and they always held up really well even around those. I get fills about every 3 weeks (sometimes 2.5) but I'd definitely work it out so that you get a fill within a week of your wedding since they do look better the first week. I started off with french but my nail place does all kinds of gel colours too!
    The gel also doesn't damage your nails like acrylics so when you opt to get htem off you will still have nice nails underneath. They don't sand down your nails at all like they do with acrylics and your natural nails grow nice and long underneath. A friend of mine from my salon just got hers off and her nails still look fantastic!
    Anyway I hope I convinced you because I LOVE my gels, and I've never been one to like the "Fake nail" look. I get compliments on them all the time!

    :) good luck with whatever u decide tho! 
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