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A mormon wedding with non-member In laws

i've been LDS my whole life and my FI got baptized 6 months ago he just told his family and they are not handling it very well.
I'm looking for support and ideas to keep them included in the wedding and hopefully happy :)

anyone out there mormon too??

Re: A mormon wedding with non-member In laws

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    Congrats to your FI!  I'm LDS too. =)
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    You should try the Utah board. I peeked in out of curiosity, and they seem happy to be sort of a Utah/LDS (regardless of location) board.
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    My future in-laws have all been LDS at some point, but only my FH and his grandmother are active in the church.  The way we're handling all of the stress that might come out of having a temple wedding where they can't attend is that we are planning 2 weddings.  We'll have the temple sealing one day, with a catered dinner for the family/friends who attended (and his parents, brother, and other gradnparents) and then the next night we will have a full blown reception and ring ceremony, where we will recite our own vows (since we are already married).  Both sides of the family are making some pretty big compromises, but they love us, and we love our families, so the efforts to have 2 weddings is worth it!
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    It seems most people have 2 weddings in this situation.  Some people really hate the ring ceremony idea, but if you don't do that I think you have to have your civil wedding a year before being sealed (I'm not LDS, but its what I've heard).  Please be understanding to his family, he has changed religions and on top of that they now can't see him get married.

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    thanks everyone!!!! jenniej121 how are you doing the ring ceremony? were planing to do our sealing friday and the reception/ ring ceremony the next day. but i'm not real sure how to go about the ring ceremony
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    There is a lot of help for you here for the basic LDS ring ceremony, DaffyL. I'm an active member and my FH is LDS as well, but my parents are inactive. Going through the same thing over here. Hope all turns out well! 
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    kelzkinz thanks for the link and good luck to you!!
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    I  am also LDS . I did a ' regular' wedding and we are doing a temple sealing in a few months.  Whats great about the 2 ceremony idea is if you do the temple first you can have anyone do your ring ceremony ( because you are already married at that point) .
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