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Military Brides

Military bride

My fiance is in the Air force and he will be wearing his uniform for our wedding. We have noooo idea what to have the grooms men wear. Our wedding is March 30,2013 and the brides maids will be in coral. we will have outdoors ceremony. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Re: Military bride

  • if your wedding is during the day, the guys should wear suits.  If your wedding is 6 pm or later then tuxes are appropriate, suits can also still be worn.  They could wear coral ties and/or pocket squares to accent your girls' dresses.

  • My FI is also is in the Air Force and wearing his uniform. I'm putting the groomsmen in gray suits
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  • My fiance is in the Marines and wearing his dress blues. 2 groomsmen are Marines and 2 are Army, they will also be in uniform. The last groomsmen is my brother and he will be in a tux since we have an evening wedding and the other people in the wedding should match the level of formality of the dress blues. 
  • My FI's in the Air Force and wearing his Mess Dress, so the groomsmen will be in black tuxes with straight ties. 
  • My H wore his AF Mess Dress to our Spring Wedding... Groomsmen were in White Tuxes.

    My only recommendation is to have the GMs in the same level of formality (or Civilian equivalent)  with your H. If he is wearing his Mess Dress that is equivalent to a Tux so the grooms should be in a tux. Dress Blues = Suit. etc. etc.
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  • My husband and I had an outdoor summer wedding, and my BM's wore coral dresses also. My H and one of his GM wore their Marine dress blues, and the other two GM wore white tuxes. The white tuxes complimented the girls coral dresses very well, and it looked very sharp with it being a summer/outdoor wedding.

  • The groomsmen in this wedding that were not in the military wore blue suits that very closely matched the uniform.  I thought this was a great way of including all groomsmen and honoring the uniform at the same time. 
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