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After 2 flower appointments this week....

FI and I had 2 flower appointments this week both on Thursday! One took 2 hours, may I repeat 2 hours! Anyways, after that I need your guys HELP! First and foremost I was quoted 125 dollars for my bouquet, which I feel is a little out there I am using sunflowers, dahailas and a couple of roses in my bouquet. Wrapped with ribbon and pearl push pins down the stem. I feel that it is too much for that the florists told me how much the individual flowers were per stem for the bridesmaid bouquets and boutn. for the guys. Secondly I am having a hard picking a flower for my FI to wear in his bout. the guys are viking dasiy, which are like miny sunflowers. I wanted my FI to wear a small sunflower, my Dad and our grand-dads are wearing roses. The girls are carrying sunflowers. What are flower do you think that he could wear that he would stand out different from everyone else, something that would match my bouquet? Please help :)

Re: After 2 flower appointments this week....

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    Ok, first prices vary by region so you may want to ask your local board about the costs...however, $125 for a bridal bouquet seems very reasonable to me.  You have to remember that you aren't just paying for the flowers but for the labor it takes to make the bouquets and bouts.  And trust me (I worked in a florist for 8 years) throwing together a bouquet is not as easy as it may seem.

    As for a flower that your groom could wear...he could wear a rose (since that is a flower in your bouquet) and accent it with one viking mum.  I think a sunflower, even a mini one, is way to big for a bout and may make him look a little like a clown.

    Finally, with the length of the consult.  Yes, some do take that long.  It sounds like the florist was being very thorough with you and getting down all of your information takes time.  Mine took an hour and I used to work for my florist so she knew me and knew what I liked but it still took time to talk things over and figure out exactly what I wanted to have.

    If you aren't happy with the price then I suggets you look into a few other florists but really, the cost of your bridal bouquet, is on the lower end.

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    As a floral deisgner, I tell you this.  If you bridal bouquet is to be hand tied, that is the stems showing, it should take less than a half hour to make.  The grooms boutonnier should always match the brides bouquet.  I personally do not like more than one type of flower in a boutonnier.  I would suggest maybe 2 roses and a bit of fern, since you are going for the garden look, to make it different, the same colour as the roses in your bouquet. Bunches Bob

    Bunches Bob "Have Fun With Those Blooms"
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