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QOTD 8/25

What are you planning to buy with the money you receive as wedding gifts?

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Re: QOTD 8/25

  • cschuma2cschuma2 member
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    We were married in October and closed on our house in November.  So our wedding money sat in the checking account until it was time to make the down payment and we also bought new matching bedroom furniture.
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    We paid off DH's car (we're debt free now!).

    With the remaining, we bougth a coffee table, bookshelf and chair for the living room.  We also used some of it to take a few excursions on our honeymoon.
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    We are putting the money into a savings account for a downpayment on a house...someday!!
  • MerinMerin member
    edited December 2011
    New furnace/AC for the house, buying a few things from the registry that we didn't get, and a little toward the HM. :)
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    Just putting it back into our savings account!
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  • k22tk22t member
    edited December 2011
    it went towards bills.   now i wish that we kept it and saved up for a nice, well deserved vacation.
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  • catarntinacatarntina member
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    We're going to go on a honeymoon in March (wedding is Nov 27).  Any surplus I have in the savings will go toward paying off FI's car, new floors in my house, and paying off student loans.  In that order... I know I won't get enough to do all 4 things, but I like having a plan.

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    In Response to Re: QOTD 8/25:
    Just putting it back into our savings account!
    Posted by kellyandtim1
    Same for me.

    If we don't need the $ right after the wedding, I might throw it into a CD to get a better rate.
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    We are definitely planning on using it for spending money on the honeymoon or to book some extras before we leave.  Also to get the stuff we still really want off registry.  Anything left will be used to pay for our new roof.

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    We are going to use it on our HM to have the most amazing vacation EVER. We are not going to use the phrase "oh that looks too expensive to do." We never get to do things like this (go to hawaii) and i want to take as much in as i can. Hiking, surfing, adventuring! EATING!

    I hope that there is some left over to put back in my savings acct and save for all new windows for my house and a new garage door too. :)
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