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Butterfly kisses

jfox113jfox113 member
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Hi girls! Does anyone know where I can find a version of this song that omits the line about praying to Jesus? 

Of course this is not meant to offend anyone in anyway. 

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Re: Butterfly kisses

  • I don't know but it most likely does not exist because it is a Christian song
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  • People will just enjoy the song and watch the dance. I guarentee no one in the room will notice whether or not Jesus is mentioned, no point in going through the hassle. No guest will analyze the song line by line.
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  • I'm sure most people will be getting all emotional and won't really care about the words.  But I highly doubt there's a version without that since it would leave a random empty space.  It's a beautiful song though.
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  • There's no recorded version of the song that I know of that omits that line...you could maybe have your DJ use editing software to remove or alter it, or you could have your band/musicians play an altered version of it and just change the words.
  • Or just pick something else entirely. Cornball and a half!!
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