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Is no MOH & just bridesmaids ok?

I'm interested in having only bridesmaids in my wedding. I feel that it will create less pressure on the party & expectations for duties. Does anyone see this as a potential problem down the road or will this idea work?

Re: Is no MOH & just bridesmaids ok?

  • salt78salt78 member
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  • Stage - it sounds like she doesn't want any of her BMs to feel obligated to do "traditional" MOH duties.  Doesn't sound like she is claiming there are any that a MOH SHOULD do.
  • "I feel that it will create less pressure on the party & expectations for duties"What does this mean than I intrepeted it has she thinks that their are some kind of duties that WP does. Someone just said their are none so their shouldn't be any pressure or expectations other than just purchasing their attire and getting themselves to the wedding and standing by the brides side.Yes you don't have to have an MOH you can have whatever you want to have and whatever title you want your party to be. Just have fun with your girls and we will be here to help has needed. Have fun planning yours and FI's big day.
  • I was trying to do the same thing -- all maids, no MOH.  Then my sis went a little 'zilla and demanded to be the MOH, and my mom and grandmom were in her camp too.  I gave in to stop being attacked about it.  Go with what you want, but understand that some people may not really get it, and push for somebody to be the MOH.
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  • Meh, a lot of people see MOH as having more responsibilities.  Maybe her friends think that way and she doesn't want anyone to worry about it.
  • Ah, Stage now I see what you were saying.  :)
  • It will be fine. My DD's FI is having just groomsmen-no Best Man. No worries.
  •  I see no problem with it. If you're happy with the idea, go for it :-)
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