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October 2010 Weddings


Show us your e-rings!!Wedding shoes will be our next WR one!
Lisa and Karl - 10/16/2010


  • I am using the website photo, because I cant get an at-home photo to show the heart design on the side.
  • Ta da! It's a 3 stone, princess cut ring in white gold. I love the woven effect at the sides and it's perfect for me!
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  • Photobucket is ruining my life right now haha so I will post the pic later... but it's a three stone princess cut platinum ring and I love it! Oh and I think the setting is called Ritani? Thats what it says on the inside of the band... not even sure what that means LOL!  
  • omg photobucket SUCKS right now!!!! Ill have to do it later.
  • Ritani is a brand of ring. (a good brand too!) Shawn had my ring made, and I love it! Its an oval with pave diamonds around the center stone, and the back is all lacey looking with diamonds inside it.
    Photobucket image
    Crystal and Shawn
  • Phones suck at taking pictures - so I soon as I get home - I'll take a picture and post it! It's hard to get a good picture of your ring!
    Lisa and Karl - 10/16/2010
  • Photobucket isn't working so I just used tinypic.com :)Mine is hard to explain...centerstone is emerald cut, with side stones of princess cut and then round cut in a pave setting on the side...also has round cuts on the inside of the band...Kal got it made up based on this Veraggio ring, but with emerald cut[IMG]http://i31.tinypic.com/x6myon.jpg[/IMG]
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  • trying again :([IMG]http://i31.tinypic.com/x6myon.jpg[/IMG]
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  • mine's a sapphire in a palladium setting... i picked since i really wanted those two things :)i'm not really into diamonds, none of my family ever had them since they're more popular in the u.s. than england
  • I'm in! I know it's hard to taking pics of rings! I found out a little secret though, if you put your camera on micro settting (the setting with the little flower on it) and you turn the flash off and put your finger under a lamp, then try to focus it... that helps. Lol. I also used tinypic.comAll your rings look FABULOOUUUS! Our boys done good. :D
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  • all the pics i've taken myself suck lol
  • My pic's not too clear...I'll have to re-try it with the micro setting when I get home!  It's a marquise-cut solitare diamond in a platinum setting.  I looooooove it--it's perfect!  :)
  • my ring was made to not have a wedding band, cause i always said i didnt want one, and now i kinda want one.....haha it will work with one, but i wasnt thinking of getting one with chanel set emeralds to wear just on days i dont wanna wear my e ring..... is that crazy?
    Photobucket image
    Crystal and Shawn
  • I don't acually have mine yet.  FI is putting it off because he's going to have to design our rings himself.  I know it's going to be silver with black diamonds with a simple silver wedding band.  His wedding band is going to be titanium with black diamonds.
  • kae101kae101 member
    Everyone's rings are soooo beautiful!  Scott designed mine with a jeweler here!  Emerald cut in a halo setting!!
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  • Yay pretty rings  :)Mine is a round cut diamond set in a round cut diamond crown with round diamonds also on the band.
  • mehhh its not working. dumb pic problems!
  • Here it is, third try.  My marquise diamond has platinum setting with a baguette and a round on each side.  I love this ring!
  • I posted the jewlers pic cuz my ring is still with him. It looks just like this except we used a heritage stone. (1 1/2 carat Asscher cut) I adore it!
  • Hi ladies, love the rings! I also posted the jeweler's pic because I couldn't get a good picture of it on me. The middle stone is almost 1 carat marquise cut diamond with 2 3/8 cut triangle diamonds on the sides (I think it's called trillion?) on a platinum band. It's my absolute dream ring! Matt asked what I liked and I just said I like the marquise cut and I didn't want the tiny diamonds all the way down the sides of the band because I was afraid I'd knock them out or something lol. He did very good :)

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  • Mine is a 1 ct. solitaire set in 18k white gold...classic :-) 
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  • Mine is a yellow diamond, tiffany cut. It was 2 round diamond stones on the side and the band has diamonds going from smaller to bigger from the middle of the ring to the out. It's 14kt white gold. It has a corresponding wedding band as well covered in diamonds.
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  • I'm hoping I did this right....yeah for bling!  Everyone's rings are so pretty, and I love how they are all so unique.  Mark worked with a jeweler here to find the perfect setting.  I LOVE this setting. 
  • Ack! How do I make the pic smaller? :)
  • NukkeNukke member
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    Mine is my mummu's (grandmother's) from the 1930s.  I love art deco! 
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  • sorry I've been MIA. but I'll play! :)
  • I don't have my ring yet, thanks to the economy slowing down the making process (i.e., Zach's working on having it made, and paying it off as he goes). There's a pic of what it'll kind of look like in my bio. Center will be a marquise with sapphires down the side. Dunno how to make it clicky: http://tinyurl.com/m2b2um
  • Sorry it took me so long to post had to wait until FI wasn't home haha we had my ring custom made from a jeweler @ The Palazzo in Vegas it came with as a 3 piece set soooo FI hasn't let me wear my new engagement ring so I had to take a quick pic while he wasn't home haha.
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