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not-white dress needs to match grooms shirt?

Hi-My dress is not exactly white, it's more ecru, or bone colored.  Someone told me that the groom needs to wear the same color shirt.  Is this true or can he just wear a white shirt?  Thanks!Missy

Re: not-white dress needs to match grooms shirt?

  • He doesn't need to wear the same color.  I had a "diamond white" dress and FI just wore a white shirt and vest (PIB) and you can't tell in photos that they are different colors.  GL!
  • He doesn't have to.  I wore an ivory dress and my groom wore a white shirt.  Looked fine.  I just think white looks more crisp.
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  • What are your colors? FI could always just wear a black shirt ;)Ditto PP though, it doesn't matter if he wears white. I actually think it will make the color of your dress stand out more if he does ;)
  • he doesn't have too, you will stand out more.
  • I disagree. I was told by the tux place that if you have a different colour dress than the guy's shirts, one ends up looking dirty. If the bride wears white, the guys should too. If the bride wears off-white/ diamond white, then the shirts should coordinate.
  • I am in the same situation. We were buying suits for the guys at Men's Warehouse and the guy helping us said that the guy's shirts would look terrible if they were white and my dress was ivory. We are getting ecru shirts also.
  • It doesn't have to match, but we are! My dress is ivory, and my FI is renting a tux with an ivory shirt and vest for more coherenecy. GM also are getting ivory shirts with champagne vests the same shade as the bm's dresses. (p.s.....don't know where your getting your stuff, but the ivory shirts at Men's Wearhouse aren't 'too' ivory...I think with everyone being in the same shade, everything will really just look white, but that keeps from clashing against my dress)
  • My dress was ivory and I picked the ivory shirts for under the tuxes. I was afraid it would look odd in pictures if they were white
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  • I am wearing an ivory and champagne dress and my groom will be wearing an ivory shirt with champagne vest.  And all the groomsmen are wearing ivory shirts.  I was afraid that white would look funny since I have a darker shade of champagne on my dress.
  • He doesn't need to wear the same color.  However, most tux rental places do have ivory/bone colored shirts...they are just slightly off-white colored and look rather nice.  I was at a wedding where the groom wore the ivory shirt and it looked awesome.
  • My dress is diamond white and FI is wearing a white shirt. Lots of people mix white and ivory. You don't have to match.
  • I don't think it is a huge deal, but it may look better in the photos. You may want to consider matching or not, so you aren't upset about it down the road. I chose an ivory dress. The guys are wearing regular tuxes with a white shirt, but my FI is going to wear an ivory vest and tie while all the groomsmen are wearing a different color.
  • I was a little worried about this too since my dress is diamond white so was afraid it would stand out against the white shirt, but I brought a swatch of my dress with me...maybe you can do that too! I am having them use the white shirts because it looked much better with that and blended in, whereas the ivory was too dark...this was at mens wearhouse
  • Just like weirberg said our tux place also told us that if my dress is ivory his shirt should also be ivory. Not because it needs to match, he can wear a different color but wearing a white shirt next to an ivory dress makes the ivory dress look dirty....makes sense!

  • Honestly, I think that a crisp-white shirt looks so much better than a coloured one. Especially if it´s just off-white or ivory- it will look dirty rather than matchy. I will be wearing an ivory dress but got the advice from most mens wear shops we visited that to go for white is the only right thing to do. Coloured shirts will look like an old polyester shirt from the 60´s gone slightly yellow. But then I´m not a big fan of matchy-matchy, either. Let your man try a couple of shirts and then decide what to do.
  • My dress is silver and my FI is waring a white shirt with a silver tie.  I think it will be fine with what ever color you choose.  You could always do a dry run with photos.  Ware a white dress (not wedding dress) and have him ware one of each color shirt to see if there is a difference with white or ivory.
  • I used to work at a tux shop, and my preference is to DEFINATELY have the guys shirt match the girls dress... or possibly have the guy wear a black shirt.  As previous people said, in pictures it can make whoever is wearing the more off white color look dirty.  It's just much more simple to try to match as close as possible.  My dress is white, and I am having my groom in a white shirt vest and tie, my groomsmen in black shirts with silver vests and ties.  I do have to say though... one of my favorite combinations was always black shirt with a color for a tie (like silver or white).  It really makes the tie pop.  But its your wedding!!!!! you can do whatever you want to!!!!!!!!!  Its your day :-)
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  • My dress is ivory and my FI is wearing an ivory shirt, vest and tie. The man at the tux shop said if he went with a white shirt it could make my dress look dingy or dirty when we are next to each other (ex-dancing). Besides if he is renting a tux why not go for the match? The gal with the diamond white is very different since it's in the pure white category. Our dresses appear white but when you hold something white next to them you can really see the difference. I did that at the bridal salon. Try that at home, hold up a pure white shirt next to your dress if you like it then go with the white, if not at least you'll have time to get an ivory shirt.
  • If you have a Savvi Formalwear, they have "ivory" shirts that are essentially diamond white.  Not yellow ivory like the ones at Men's Warehouse.  I picked the off-white for my fiance and groomsmen because they looked much better with my diamond white dress.  The ivory vest is a touch more yellow than I'd like, but the stark white shirt and vest next to my dress made it very obvious it wasn't white.
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