P. Cutest celebrity baby? O. Dumbest thing your H/FI has done lately? L. Which knottie has the cutest pets? L. Have you ever eaten a prescription brownie?
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  • No clue Tried to convince me that a photog isn't necessary.  I love photography! I do! I plead the 5th
  • P.  Toss up between Suri and Harlow O.  I honestly can't think of anything.  I don't if that means he doesn't do dumb things often or that he does them so often that I can't tell them apart from the non-dumb things. L.  Somebody used to have a picture of a Great Dane and I loved it.  I can't remember who it was, though, sorry. L.  Negative.
  • P.  Umm, I haven't kept up on celeb babies, so no idea on that.O.  Left the butter tub with less than a teaspoon of butter, and also left a bunch of oregano and basil bits in it.  Normally, I have no problem with this, but oregano and basil doesn't taste very good on cinnamon toast.L.  Salt's new kitten!L.  Unfortunately, no.
  • P. Hard to say, they all look the same.  Violet Affleck is kind of cute, she's an actual kid though, not baby.O. I was looking at tables and told him to stop by a store to look at one with stools.  When he got there he said "it has stools, not actual chairs"  Well...I said stools, not chairs.  He replied with "Well I thought you meant chairs."L.  Vogt has a pretty cute dog.L. Nope.
  • P. Kingston, Gwen Stefani's baby O. He opened the patio door to let the cat in before we went to California and when my daughter got back from Detroit 3 days later it was still open. And 108 outside. I guess my neighbors aren't the thieves I thought they were. L. Uh, that would be me. Of course. L. I had a bite once. I liked it. Then I had 2 bites another time. I was paranoid and woken up all night long by supersonic missiles crashing on the floor next to me. There will be no third time.
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  • ggmaeggmae
    P. Violet Affleck. O. Refused to clean up his shiit. I'm annoyed. L. J&K's cat is pretty adorable. L. Not that I was aware of!
  • P. I think they all pretty much look the sameO. Something will come to me, got nothing really good right now thoughL. Is it east who has the little ferret looking dog? I like him.L. I assume you're talking about pot brownies and not a lipitor brownie or something. If so, yes.
  • P. Cutest celebrity baby? Kingston RossdaleO. Dumbest thing your H/FI has done lately? Gone out of town and keeps forgetting stuffL. Which knottie has the cutest pets? Buddha's dogL. Have you ever eaten a prescription brownie? Yeah
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  • Kingston may be my second husband one day. Or I will marry my next kid off to him. Yes lpstl...that kind of brownie. Our friend in California has a prescription, and his pharmacy sells brownies. The prescription says "Such and such has a very serious medical condition that requires the use...bla bla bla" I have no idea what his condition is, but it sounds serious.
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  • P. Suri or Halle Berry's daughter...she's stunning! O. Him: I think we should have a cream colored cake Me: It won't go. Everything in the wedding is white. Our colors are an oceany blue & lime green w/black and WHITE accents. Him: I like to think that I have good design sense sometimes and I think it would look very modern and nice. Me: It just doesn't go w/the big picture of modern and clean. My dress is white, the damask pattern is black and white (and we're replicating the damask pattern on one of the tiers) we're using white anemones etc... Him: Well...I don't really look at things in the "big picture." Me: Well then that sort of blows to $hit your "awesome design sense" doesn't it?! lol L. Me :) L. No...but I've always been very curious. I've just never had the chance.
  • salt78salt78
    P. I can't stand her parents, but Suri Cruise is beautiful.O. Lost his passport application.L. Besides my guys of course, I have a major soft spot for Cabana. L. No. I don't like prescriptions or brownies.
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  • suri and violetumm, can't think of anything at the moment., but i had hash cookies once.  good times.

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  • P. Cutest celebrity baby? [b]Who cares?[/b] O. Dumbest thing your H/FI has done lately? [b]Gone golfing in a downpour. He's dedicated...[/b] L. Which knottie has the cutest pets? [b]Me, of course.[/b] L. Have you ever eaten a prescription brownie? [b]Not that I can remember, anyways.[/b]
  • I quit keeping track of celebrity babies a few years ago. Who cares?I, unfortunately, am the dumb one in the relationship.A lot of them do.Sadly, no. That's not to say it won't happen ;)
    He pretty much had me at "hello".
    -- PS I agree with whatever Jeana said --
  • P. Cutest celebrity baby? Suri CruiseO. Dumbest thing your H/FI has done lately? Sing to his waffles this morning. L. Which knottie has the cutest pets? Me. Karma. L. Have you ever eaten a prescription brownie? No, but I would love to.
  • P. Violet Affleck O. missed a court date for a traffic ticket and ended up with a warrant L. I'm gonna go with me on this one... but I like the kittens. L. a number of times.
  • 1.  Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox, their 3 adopted are all fug, but their biological kids are gorgeous.2.  Drove through the exit barrier thing at his office parking lot last week.  He dropped his cell, knocked his coffee over and wasn't paying attention.  3K in damage to the car, no idea how much to the parking lot thing though.  Einstein.3.  The Knottie with the 3 cats in a row in different colors.  So cute.4.  What happens in college stays there, I plead the 5th too.  No wonder my college's nickname is Stoneonta.
  • P. Leah Gosselin. She's adorable!! O. He doesn't do anything dumb, are you kidding? He's the brains of this operation. Oh wait, he did get the car towed away last week. L. Me. How can you not love that puggle.L. Ha no.
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  • P: Shiloh, I guessO: Hmm... spend $200 on a hunting bowL: Me!L: No
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