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November 2011 Weddings

Wine Poll

It may be a bit early to be concerned about this, but I kind of have to worry about it all at once, so...opinions please:
The venue provides bottled water and punch. We are allowed to bring in beer, wine, and champagne as far as alcohol goes. The planner/coordinator suggested that we bring blush wines because of the season. I'm mostly a red drinker, and I'm fine with this, but do you think guests will expect something else?

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Re: Wine Poll

  • It wouldn't be the end of the world, but I know some people very much prefer one over the other. I prefer red myself too. I would drink the blush if that's all there was available, but I'd be happier if you had red. Of course I would not complain or anything though.
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  • Personally I have not had a blush wine that I liked, so I would not drink if that was all I was offered.  I've also never heard of blush being the "seasonal" wine for that time of the year, but I'm not completely versed on my wine etiquette.  That said, I do not need wine to have a good time, nor do your guests.  I think if you can budget for it, you should include more choices, but it is ultimately up to you.  You know the tastes of your guests better than we do -- would people be put off if they were only given the choice of blush wine?  Or would it really not be that big of a deal?

    What food are you serving?  That might also give you some help with what wine to serve.



  • I don't think it's a huge deal, but I would definitely prefer a choice of either a white or a red. I'm not a huge fan of blushes, but am also not so picky that I wouldn't just drink whatever what served and be a happy camper. 
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    I really don't think Blush wines area good compromise. The people who like white will not like it as much, and the people who like red, same. Like PP, I do not think of Blush as seasonal, I just think of it as a poor attempt to compromise, but I haven't had blush wine since I was drinking it out of a box in college, and that is what I will always think of when I am served a blush wine.
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  • Keep in mind your guests..... Do you know their drinking habits and whether they prefer red/white.. or maybe they are only beer drinkers.... 

    We aren't having tons of wine at our wedding because our families are primarily beer drinkers (we are having like 2 kegs and and a bunch of cases of misc. beer- don't worry ladies, it will all be behind the bar served by a bartender.... no keg stands at my wedding!!! LOL). But my Dad is picking up like 3 cases of red and 3 cases of white wine... We aren't even doing a blush, because no one in my family really likes it. But that is just my family... everyone has their own preference. 

    Also keep in mind where you get the alcohol from a lot of places will let you return unopened cases (COSTCO!!!!!) So while you might put a lot of $$ out up front to make sure you are supplying enough of a variety- you can get your $$ back if it isn't opened. 
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  • I have only really gotten into wines recently, but I can't say I am a big blush fan. It's just rare that I seem to taste a good blush. That being said, I would drink it if it was all that was there. And I wouldn't complain, because free wine is free wine and I'm not rude like that.

    I do think the in season thing is B.S. though.
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  • I prefer white overall. I think you would be able to make all of your guests happy if you have all three. So, if you were going to get 9 bottles get 3 of the same red, 3 white and 3 blush. Like  PP said do you know what your guests will like. That may make this a lot easier for you.

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  • I'm a white wine person myself.  I would drink blush if that's all that were available, but I'd much rather prefer white wine. 

    I also ditto the Costco thing....that's really helpful when buying your own liquor.  My boss recently had a party at his house and waaaay overbought, he ended up returning over $400 of wine (even after their 80 guests were all effectively hammered).  It's just a nice reassurance that you can pay upfront to have the variety you want and not have to worry about getting stuck with the excess....
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    are you suddenly getting married in july? as thats when rose is in season.  i totally agree with the others, people who drink wine will want either red or white, i dont know many people who willingly choose rose.
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  • I think their should be a selection of red and white if you can budget for it!
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  • Not a big deal, but a selection would be nice. Like Koda said at least one red, and one white. But, if you can afford to do more than that, and wouldn't mind spending that money there, then go for more.
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  • thanks ladies! I really had never heard of blush being "in season" for late fall either, but she seemed to take it very seriously, so I thought maybe she was more well-versed than I am...apparently not. I really don't care that much about blush myself, just don't think I would mind if that's what I was offered. But seeing as how everyone seems to think she's ridiculous, we'll probably stick with some choices in white and red. I think the vast majority of FI's friends will mostly be beer drinkers anyway, and most of my family doesn't drink.
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  • jcg98jcg98 member
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    Red and white wine and beer.  Can't go wrong there!  Most crowds will find something they like.  :)

    I'm really curious where she got the blush being in season!
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  • In Response to Re: Wine Poll:
    I think their should be a selection of red and white if you can budget for it!
    Posted by kris_tee
    I agree.  I know more people who like red or white... never blush.  Maybe a nice Shiraz and a Pinot Grigio?

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    In Response to Re: Wine Poll:
    In Response to Re: Wine Poll : Rose is often suggested for Thanksgiving dinner since it pairs so well with turkey. Maybe she assumed November wedding=Thanksgiving. 
    Posted by kodakitty
    Maybe...except she's helping to set up the menu too, so she should know it isn't Thanksgiving...oh well, since we'll be purchasing it and taking it to her at the rehearsal the night before, there really isn't anything she can do about us not following her "suggestion"

    For the record, we are looking at including other non-alcoholic options as well :)
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  • Is blush == rose?

    Personally, I would prefer red...but if there's no red, i would go for white.  I don't like to go in between.

  • I think the kind of wine you serve should depend on what type of food you are serving, certain wines go better with certain foods. In the same breath, however, my mother informed me that we HAD to serve both red and white becuase not everyone likes one or the other.

    If it were up to be I would just serve red at our wedding :) 
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  • I consider blush wines to be wine for people who don't like wine...  I say this because I don't like wine and I drink roses, but I prefer beer ;)

    I would do 1 white & 1 red if you can.

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