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When to start booking and looking at vendors?

Hey ladies, so our wedding is 3/5/2011 ive done my big stressful checks, the church, saint raymonds in east rockaway, the reception, the venetian yacht club in babylon and my dresss which was an unexpected lets play dress us day with my mom while in NYC and there it was dress number two had to come home...im a little stressed, everyone keeps telling me i have time., but next october my fiances brother is getting married and were both in those weddings, so i know there will be much running around to do for that..when do i start looking for my vendors? photographers are my big worry, how do you just pick one? they all offer so much of the same, and im so afraid to go by price....but the ones thats packages are 6000, really whats different than the others that are 4000, i guess yes quality of pictures, but so many of them are computer enhanced..its tought...thanks ladies!Amanda

Re: When to start booking and looking at vendors?

  • alithebridealithebride member
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    it's never too early to start.....go and visit vendors, see if the dates are available to them etc.. you have loads of time to visit many many many vendors. keep it in perspective though too. you have well over 20 months. even with the wedding next october-you have 6 months after that.also your venue and church are quite far apart. is there a gap in between? will you be providing transportation services from the church, hotel etc?as for photographers-you can get the best info by asking for reviews of those who have already had their wedding and received their photos. having someone post that their 'wedding is in 9 months but the people are really nice' dosen't help you. i'd rather have a jerk of a photographer and fantastic pics over a nice guy that stinks know what I mean? ask friends, here, family etc...


  • stina11stina11 member
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    I started to book my vendors the month after my engagment (19 mos away). I still have just a couple vendors to book but I'm taking my time and enjoying planning my wedding. Just take your time and book them on your own schedule and you will be able to relax and be stress free.
  • jordanamnjordanamn member
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    I am getting married this coming March and still haven't booked a few vendors.  We are just over 6 months away!  March is not the most popular wedding month so I am sure you have ample time to shop for vendors and still have your choice.  As for photographers, this should probably be one of the first vendors you book.  Sometimes price is misleading, you need to decide what "style" you like and then look at their work- ask to see the photos for an entire wedding rather than a composite album of their best work and this will give you a better idea of whether they're for you.
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    Ditto pp. I'm getting married in May and still need to book our florist and limos. Take your time!! Especially because you do have 20 months. Do your research and make sure you get the best deal for what you're looking for. This goes for photographer's especially. Really think about what kind of package you want to have for your weddign day. Figure out what's important to you. And yes, a lot of the places are computer enhanced but they might charge more because they enhance those photos for you. Is that something you'd want? Or do you want au naturale? Think about these things and then just look at TONS of wedding photos and find the style you like! And for the love of pete don't look at any more wedding dresses!
  • bonniebrettbonniebrett member
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    you have a lot of time, so take advantage. you're in no rush. but at this point, you probably have your pick of vendors. if you like a particular band, they can only do one party a night. same for a photographer. the company can accomodate, but you may like 1 particular person. you may want to snatch someone up before someone else does. florists can accomodate a few, so you can prob hold off on that... but no need if you see something you like.
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    Hi Amanda! Congratulations!! I'd say do the research, read the posts here (they're SO helpful - thanks everyone) and then visit websites. While a lot of the photographers look the same, you'll hit on one that wows you and makes you realize that the others just don't do it for you - at least that was MY experience. You'll start to learn if you like a softer look or a more HD type of look. You'll start to see certain poses that seem to fit you and your fiance best. You'll start to see whether you're enjoying the wedding photos of people you've never met (my girlfriend and I are both getting married next year and were looking together this weekend and definitely had that reaction). As far as price, there are definitely things you need and definitely things you don't. It's all about preference with regard to the package. And, don't forget, these are the packages THEY put together. Your needs may be different than what they've put together. Don't be afraid to ask them to add or delete from a package in order to better suit your needs and/or budget. NEGOTIATE NEGOTIATE NEGOTIATE! As far as booking, we got engaged at the end of July and, now that I think I've got my venue (98% sure), I'm about 8 months away and I've just started to contact other vendors. I'm trying to do it fast because I don't want things hanging over my head and want to enjoy my engagement, too. So, I think you're doing the right thing by starting sooner rather than later. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress (and let us know if you find anyone really great!). Sandey
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