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October 2009 Weddings


What are you giving the parents as a gift?

Re: Parents

  • I'm thinking about a gift card for a restaurant or something so after all of this wedding craziness they have dealt with for the past year they can go out by themselves and enjoy a nice dinner that they didn't pay for. LOL!
  • my mom told me that the best gift is that i'll finally be out of the house haha... she's so funny I dont know... I definately want to do something really nice for FIs uncle who's paying for (well, loaning us money for) a lot of the wedding but for my parents, I dont know my sister suggested finding a really nice frame and putting our wedding photo in it... speaking of frames, my mom just totally scored at BBB, she got this frame that has a mirrow in the middle and then 4 places for 3x5 pics (or maybe 4x6, i'm not sure) originally $19.99, marked down to $2.99, then had an additional 50%off sticker (so now $1.49) and then my sister's BBB employee discount, i think she ended up paying like $1.26...she also got me a digital food scale for $15 (originally $40)
  • I am getting my mom a custom made clutch purse to match her outfit, with embriodery inside that says "Love, (my name)"  This is a dual purpose gift, as my mom tends to keep things in her bra instead of using a handbag sometimes. (Not kidding, phones, cameras, what have you.)  And I *will not*  be taking any chances on that at my wedding!
  • We're getting the high-resolution CD of our wedding photos, so I'm making a hard-covered photo album of the wedding for my parents and in-laws. I use mpix.com for stuff like that ... they have professional quality prints/photo books/etc. much cheaper than you could order from your photographer.
  • A nice thank you note and personalized hankies with our wedding date...they say sweet things like "for the day you gave me away" and "to wipe your tears mom as you always haev done for mine" Then after the wedding we're getting thema parents album
  • We definitely didn't want to do "typical" gifts for our parents because 1. I thought we needed to spend more on them than the typical picture frame.  Don't know why, I guess because we've lived on our own for so many years already, we should be able to afford it.2. We get digital negatives from our photog, so getting them pictures isn't a big deal, it's just getting them printed for like $0.20 at Target :)3. (Mostly) they're pitching in more than I thought they would, so I wanted to get them something really cool.That said... my mom/stepdad love the theater so we got them tickets to a show.  It spiraled from there... we got FI's parents tickets to a show and we got my dad/stepmom tickets to a show! :)  It was kind of hard to find something in their respective areas - 1 lives in St. Louis, MO... 1 lives in northern IL... 1 lives in Florida!  But I think we found the perfect shows to fit all of them.  I think they'll be pleased because we took the time to pick out the shows and tickets.  I think we'll put the tickets in thank you cards and give them out at the RD.
  • we are giving them photo albums from the wedding. I am trying to think of something extra for my parents as a side gift though.
  • We are getting his parents and my mom collage frames with our e-pics in it
  • No idea. We are giving the parents our gifts during our wedding ceremony...which puts even more pressure on us...sigh. We were thinking necklaces for the moms and maybe pocketknifes for the dads? who knows.
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