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Hollow to Hem?

So I was measured at the bridal store yesterday for a shortened hollow to hem. I am 5'3" wearing 3 1/2 inch heels. Most dresses are made for those who are 5'9" and have 58" hollow to hems. I have read that you measure from the depression of the neck "the hollow" straight down to wear you want the hem. She measured over my breast, and in a different dress than I will actually be wearing, that was way too big for me. Her measurement came up to a 56 1/2 inch hollow to hem. My question is, did she measure me wrong? I am thinking that I would actually be a 55 1/2. She had to ask another girl how to do it, and seemed very confused throughout the process. I thought that this is what they do, why the confussion? The whole point of potentially ordering a dress from this designer is that they do custom fits, saving me money on alterations. I don't want to have to pay to have my hem shortened in the end, or wear 4 1/2 inch heels. What do you think? Thanks!

Re: Hollow to Hem?

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  • I'm not sure how to measure but you can always call another salon and ask them the question. Don't tell them the whole story, just say you were wondering about the process.
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  • I would strongly recommend you ask to get re-measured. It is much better to have a little hassle and even embarrassment now than to have to pay for expensive alterations later. It'll cost at least $100 to shorten the dress - even and inch - and possibly substantially more. There are many people (in my short experience) working in wedding shops who really are pretty clueless.
  • You can double-check it. The measurement is supposed to go from the hollow between your collarbones to where your hem would fall (about 1" off of the floor). You can have a friend measure for you
  • Thanks! Yes, I will definitely get measured again.
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