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Invitation Question...

First.. I never introduced myself, just kinda started posting.  I have been around the knot for over two years now (this is a new name) so I didn't really think about it.Anyway... Hi, I'm Aliy and I am marrying Stephen on December  12th in CarmelOk now to my question..Do you send an invite to the priest/pastor?  Obviously he is going to be at the wedding, but do you need to send an invite in order to "invite" him to the reception?And yes.. I am JUST NOW getting around to making my invitations... :(  Its a small wedding and everyone already knows about it so.. no biggie

Re: Invitation Question...

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    We're giving ours an invite. He's from Bloomington and we're getting married in Indy, so we want to make sure that he knows he's more than welcome to come to the reception if he likes.
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    We will be inviting ours (and his wife.)I think if you're getting married in a church, then yes. But if it's a shorter/civil ceremony not in a church, it's really ok either way.
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    We are sending an invite to our officiant. she is doing the blessing of the food at the reception. Also she is Fi grandmother, letting her know its ok to bring a guest.
  • silverbubblesilverbubble member
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    We invited ours, but he is my uncle. I wanted to make sure they had all the information needed, and of course come to the big party!!
  • PhotoMotoPhotoMoto member
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    Thanks!I think i will error on the side of caution and send him one.
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    Yes, because believe it or not there are people out there who don't invite the officiant.  It also allows them to know if they can bring a guest.A Deacon married us, so we sent him and his wife and invite to the rehearsal dinner and reception.
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    That is a really good question PhotoMoto! I didn't even think about that! But glad to know now that I probably should think about that! I am also getting married in Carmel, but not until July. Where are you getting married? where are you having your reception? I think we have pretty much picked our spots, but we are still looking around and also are looking for florists and those sorts of things, I dont know if you have any people you would recommend for those things?
  • Renee MauzeyRenee Mauzey member
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    Yes, you should send him an invitation.Reneehttp://www.ArtzyFartzyInvites.com
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