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2nd fitting-New neckline!

Hi Ladies! I changed the neckline on my dress to a sweetheart & I was wondering what you all thought? PIB under "Bride & Groom Attire" tab. It used to be just straight across & I liked it but I think the sweetheart is just more flattering! Any feedback is appreciated, thanks :)

Re: 2nd fitting-New neckline!

  • I definitely think the sweetheart neckline is more flattering.
  • Thx ladies!!bcnoelle~we have an english bulldog too! yours is adorable :)
  • Oh that was a good change. The sweetheart neckline looks so good on you.
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  • Thx u so much jagore08! I LOVE your married bio, great pics! My fav shot is of you holding your bouquet on the "Flowers" page, simply gorgeous!!
  • I did the same with my dress - ordered it with a sweetheart neckline (Allure can manufacture it that way).  I think sweethearts are almost always more flattering!!  I love yours :)
  • OMG it's 10 times better! It was gorgeous before, but the sweetheart is AMAZING!
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  • O wow! Looks great!! I used to sweat this dress--I loved it online!! I went and tried it on and I was SO sad that it just didn't work (I am 5'1 and it was just too much for me). But it looks amazing on you and I love the sweetheart alteration--such a great change!
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  • It looks great with the sweetheart neckline, it's so flattering on you.
  • That looks amazing on you, it's SO flattering!  Great decision!
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  • Your dress is STUNNING! You made a great decision to have it altered like that, the dress looks like it was made for you.
  • LOVE your shoes btw!!! If you don't mind me asking....about how much were they???
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  • GREAT CHOICE to go with the sweetheart....it looks so wonderful on you :) I love your accessories too!
  • wow, va-va-VOOM! great decision to opt for the sweetheart... and from the detail shot you can't even tell the change was made post-factory. your seamstress did an excellent job. it looks awesome!
  • I am an allure bride too - My dress is 8360 and I am using the shape of the sweetheart from 8386 - Which did you use?  I definately like the sweetheart better!
  • WOW!! All of your comments are sooo sweet, made my day. Thank you all so much! kls114- I am actually only 5’0! Lol But my shoes are about 3-4 inches so I guess that helps! Oh & about the cost of my shoes; I got them on sale @ a store in Phoenix, AZ & w/tax only paid about $115! I saw them online for $160-170, so I was very happy. J   kpeteley- Yay for Allure Brides! I love your dress btw & the sweetheart from the other Allure gown. I actually just asked my seamstress to make it into a sweetheart & she did, no examples were shown! She’s pretty amazing. J
  • Bellabride2B & gorjush- I just had to say you both have amazing Married bios! Such beautiful pics & such gorgeous brides!!
  • I really like it!! I also have a sweetheart neckline, its not too much like some dresses. I think its a keeper, I also am keeping the train on my dress, thought it would look great in pics just like u think! :)  Plus its not like u arent gonna bustle it up soon after the pics anyway. Best of luck!! Your wedding is so soon! I am jealous!! www.traciandmiki.weebly.com
  • It looks great on you!  The sweetheart neckline is really flattering.
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  • tlc828- Thank you! I love your dress, it looks gorgeous on you! Great minds think alike, huh? & you're right about getting it bustled right after pics any way! Awe your time will come soon enough, I am getting so anxious though! I have my Bridal shower tomorrow though so that's exciting! Btw, I love your proposal story, soooo sweet-literally ha! :)KappaUCF20- Thank you! I absolutely LOVE your Married bio, I can't wait to make 1 for myself, yay!
  • Awe thanks so much! for everything u said! I know time will fly! I am just having a great time being addicted to the knot and addicted to DIY wedding ideas! Have a great time at your shower!!
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