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Hair Poll

Are you wearing yours up, partially up, or down? Are you doing it yourself, or having it done? Am I crazy for thinking I can pull my partially up do off myself? =]

Re: Hair Poll

  • I recently went from having hair to the middle of my back to a chin-length bob.My stylist has been doing my hair for the last eight years and has offered to do my wedding hair as a gift, she's such a sweetheart!  I'm going to have my hair curled, inspiration pics are in my bio (link in sig).
  • I'm going to do a half up-do. I'm going to get it done because I know that if I do it myself I will decide I hate it. I don't think you're crazy but you may be stressed and decide you don't like it and then wish you had it done. Maybe have a friend who's good with hair help you, that would save some money.
  • I am wearing my hair up.  I am having it professionally done.  (Fiance's sister owns a salon in my area, lucky me!  :)If you can afford to have someone do it for you, I think it might relieve you of some stress the day of.
  • Yep -- the stress aspect is what I'm most worried about. I tried it myself tonight -- if anyone wants to see the results: [url][/url]
  • I haven't been able to decide yet, I have it narrowed down to 3, and I'm going to have my stylist do some trials next month. You're not crazy! If I felt confident that I could pull off what I wanted, I would do it myself too!
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  • I'm doing a half up half down do.  Fi likes my hair down so its a compromise on my part.  Not that he's ASKED me to leave it down, I just know its a little something I can do that will make him happy that day.  I did steal your bottom left pictures.  I cut my hair in June and its just below my shoulders right now so I don't expect it to be LONG come March.  I'm def. getting it professionally done.  For me is also part of forcing me to relax that day.BTW - I was in a friends wedding a few years ago.  Her sister said her hair could NOT hold a curl and omg was she right.  I'd never seen such a thing.  It did take alot of work and alot of hair product but she WAS able to keep it curled for the day.
  • When I say my hair won't hold curl -- I'm serious. [Sadly enough] The beginning of August, MIL paid for several of us and future SIL to do a glamour shots deal. They were professionals, with all the products and a chi. They did my hair last, and then we shot pics for half an hour. At the end of the half an hour, the curls they had put in the bottom of my hair had already all fallen out. I love curly hair -- it's just not possible. =]
  • Ah well, mine doesn't really hold curls either, but I'm willing to give it a shot.I would like my hair partially up. It's pretty long (midway down my back), so I figure it'll be to my waist by March.I'm worried about the cost of a stylist, but I think I should probably have someone do it for me... who knows what would happen if I tried it myself!
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  • UP! I'm not taking a chance with frizz... curls aren't always a good thing. I'd have an afro by the end of the night...
  • up i guess but like a low side pony thing and im getting it done, im awful at doing hair so definately wouldnt trust myself!
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  • I have no idea how to do my hair. I wanted to wear it up, bt every time I see pictures of myself with my hair up I feel like I don't look very good. I also plan on dancing my butt off and wanted my hair out of the way. I guess since my hair trial comes with as many styles as needed I'll get full use out of it! But yes - definitely did not want to leave my hair up to myself for the big day - too many pictures and hair stylist I am not.
  • I want my hair out of the way too which is why I'm doing the half up.  The part that would normally be in my face will be pinned back :)
  • I'm not sure how I'm wearing my hair, I haven't started to think about it yet.  But it will either be up or partially up.  I am having my sister do it.  I'm horrible at doing my own hair and makeup.
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  • Definitely up. I am getting my hair & make-up professionally done. I have ideas in my bio under beauty.
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  • I am doing mine up as well because my hair doesn't really hold a curl either and the lady doing my hair did my hair for all my proms etc. so i know that she does great and gets my hair to stay in place and even curled (somewhat) but i'm getting my hair and make-up done because i just don't trust myself really haha
  • If I did my hair myself it would have to be straight since that's all I know how to do and would end up frizzy/wavy by the end of the night - definitely going the professional route.I think I want a low bun with some kind of texture to it (not curls but something to make it a little more interesting, clearly I need to work on explaining this concept). Right now my hair's shoulder-length, and I'm hoping it grows as fast as possible so I'll have more volume for the bun.
  • I'm wearing it up.  I've been growing out my hair for the past few months and absolutely hate how it looks down (hence why my hair is up even while I'm typing this... I can't wait for the post-wedding chop!).  The design I'm going for is a horizontal french twist where the top kind of folds into the bottom- it's hard to explain- but looks awesome.I personally wouldn't do my hair myself because 1) I suck at doing hair and 2) the last thing I want to worry about on my wedding day is not having my hair cooperate and look how I want it to.
  • I cannot do my hair myself -- i am so unskilled.  i am using my hairdresser who is coming to the hotel to do my hair.  I am going for a half up look but one that is really dramatic -- i have straight hair (cannot hold any curl really) and i want to look like me -- so curly hair anyway would not make me comfortable. here is the look i am going for...  forgive that it is from charlies angels,_Lucy/gallery/LLCHARLIESANG001/&h=683&w=445&sz=97&tbnid=wvRFqfYuBC50XM:&tbnh=139&tbnw=91&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dlucy%2Bliu%2Bmovie%2Bimages&usg=__GutJSODfnz6EqKzVsn3-52KDwwU=&ei=KFUxStr8BofKtgef8Jn2BQ&sa=X&oi=image_result&resnum=2&ct=image
  • I'm wearing it down and doing it myself. I'm going for the same look that Jennifer Aniston had at her wedding. I might have to add in some hair extensions... haven't decided yet. But I've always been known for having cute hair, and I've actually helped others with their hair on their wedding, so I'm pretty confident that I'll like it better if I do it myself.
  • Well I have done several trials with different styles and my crown. I really don't know what I am doing with it lol. I am pretty sure that I will be doing it myself. My hair has been a graduated bob style for about 2 years now. (short and spiky in the back and longer in the front) But, I have started in the last couple months growing it out. Its now pretty much a chin length bob. I can put it up but I haven't worn it up in so long I feel like I am almost unrecognizable. (maybe it just me) But, my mom thinks it came out looking great. I personally liked the curly style I did with the last make-up trial. Who knows I may change my mind entirely and have it done professionally.
  • it's going to be pin curls and finger waves ala katherine heigel. this is exactly how i want it. i have a feathered flower pin i'm puttin in on the right side of the bun. [img] [/img]
  • Because I am doing a cruise and we are actually having our ceremony when our boat docks in Cozumel, I have to do my hair myself. Luckily I will have my mom, sister and future sister in law there that can help. I am going to get extensions just to make my hair thicker and do a low side bun with a flower in it. I have naturally curly hair but always straighten it and just want something that will be easy and won't fall down.
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