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How to get MOMZilla to back off

Hi, Just wondering if anyone is having similar issues with their mom taking over authority of certain things about the wedding. Im having issues because my venue is super small and we can only have about 100 people max in the space, and my mom keeps adding people saying "Its ok, we'll fit it somehow..." and im like NO we CANT, its called a fire hazard!! And im not talking about adding peoples names to the list, I mean she is VERBALLY asking these people to my wedding.... Ive told her when it comes time to send the invites, IM the one printing and sending them so too bad about your friends who WONT be getting one!!Also, my 12 year old male cousin is also "taking over" my wedding. My mom is a bit of a pushover and everyone in the family gives these children what they want. I am really close to a lot of my cousins but they are mainly ones who are roughly the same age... im almost 30, and he just turned 12 last week! I dont KNOW the child...we live in different provinces (Im in AB, and the wedding will be in NFLD). He basically told my aunt and my mom he wanted to be the "ring guy" and at first i thought it was just funny so i said yes... for the non-traditional sense.... he and my other younger cousin will walk my mom down the aisle. He then proceeded to tell my mom he was "concerned" about being about to bring a guest.... I DONT EVEN HAVE ROOM FOR MY FRIENDS!!  and she said Oh no problem we'll make it fit.... needless to say im a little upset. I thought at first it was because he had a little GF or something but i find out he wants to bring his little schoolmate..... NOT IMPRESSEDThen I told my mom I just booked the party bus so the bridal party (meaning the BM and GM adults only) can go get pictures all together not just in 4 diff cars, and she fgoes and tells him he's on [email protected]!!! I sort of lost it on her and we had a big fight and i told her to stop telling people they are coming to my wedding, and to stop telling people who have no business knowing certain things, just SHUT UP ABOUT MY WEDDING to other people!!I dont know what to do because I know this isnt going to stop!HELP!!!

Re: How to get MOMZilla to back off

  • edited December 2011
    Aww, thats a crappy situation. Thankfully I dont have to worry about those things hapening. Hypothetically, I would say to firmly tell you Mom that its YOUR wedding, and that its not fair that you cannot invite your friends that you want because of size constraints and because of this your cousin is NOT allowed to bring a friend. Maybe try talking to your aunt (cousins mom) if your mom continues. I say hypothetically because it sounds like you may have tried that. Good luck, and I hope your issues get better!
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