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December 2009 Weddings

It has started..

I went to bed at about 8:30-9 (yes I know thats soo early but I am up at 4:45-5am)and could not stop thinking about the wedding, things I still have to do, things I hope I am not missing, EVERYTHING my mind just wouldnt stop.  Please tell me I am not the only one.  I hope it dosent last until the wedding!

Re: It has started..

  • You are not alone! In addition to all of the wedding planning worries, I keep thinking about my crazy FMIL and different scenarios in which she could create problems on our wedding day and ways for FI and I to squash any problems that she could create!  Now I know why instead of losing weight for the wedding, I gained!  So another thing I have been back and forth about is whether or not to get a DOC so I have less to worry about.
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  • my FMIL is driving me NUTS too! I gave her husband, my FI's stepdad a deadline of September 12th to have tuxes measured.  The actual date was October 12th.  I didnt want to be chasing down 10 guys to get fit at the last min.  She and her husband kept lying about him getting fit, "oh were going today" "hes on his way now" "were stopping on our way through". He finally got fit late last week! URR.  Then my bridal shower for FI's side is suppose to be 11/7.  I know nothing about it, the only think I know is that it is a Tastefully Simply Bridal shower (Yikes) and that it's on the 7th.  She wont return my calls, emails, or text's about where and what time.  Oh it feels soo good to vent!
  • njGAL...our counselor keeps telling us to stop worrying about what she's going to do and stop worrying about how she is going to react.  Plus her behavior is going to be on her 100000%.  If she wants to pout in the corner while everyone else is having fun, let her pout and don't let her ruin your fun AT ALL!!!
  • shortgirltx-You are so right! I can't control what she is going to do, especially since she is so unpredictable!  I think for me it's anxiety about what she could possibly do since she has turned into this crazy person since FI and I got engaged 2 years ago and the rest is anger towards her for how inappropriate and immature she was when my mother was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year.  But it's like you said-it's all on her and she is going to do what she is going to do, regardless of how many scenarios I think of in my head! :-)
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  • You aren't alone! December 5th seems like it is right around the corner and all I can think about is the long list of things I still have to do too! Plus, my fiance's Grandma is doing our flowers (which I couldn't be more grateful for since I know how much flowers cost) but she hasn't seen the site, just pictures, and is being beyond controlling! I've asked for her to take a picture of the tablescape she has in mind and she won't do it. So i have NO idea what she is doing to put on the tables. I'm afraid she's going to do this wedding with "her vision" and not mine. UGH! Sorry, had to vent. Plus, the Best Man isn't too motivated and won't go get his clothes and just wants to get drunk at the wedding. I haven't lost sleep over all of this but it's definitely causing an uneasy feeling in my stomach!
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  • Another thing: (for me anyways) she is wanting a reaction.  Period.  Don't give it to her.  I know it's hard.  I know it is.  Just ignore it!  We are expecting FMIL to pull something but we are all in agreement that if anyone starts something/gets into a heated fight, they will be escorted out.  FMIL isn't paying rent so stop letting her take up room in your head!
  • Shortgirltx-you crack me up! That's right-she isn't paying rent so I need to kick the a--hole out of my head! :-)
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  • Just heard my shower is Saturday November 7th at 6pm...does this sound late to anyone else?  It is over an hour drive for me one way...
  • Mikenamanda-that does sound late-do any of your friends or family leave near the place so that you could spend the night?
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  • Thank goodness I am not the only one. When I finally do fall asleep I have crazy wedding dreams like something bad happening on our cruise ship (honeymoon), but its in the Ohio river instaed of the ocean. Hoping my MUA does a great job because I have had a lot of sleepless nights lately.
  • For me it's thoughts running through my head as I try to fall asleep and then random weird "dreams"/ thoughts as I'm waking up.haha I just want the thoughts to go away. I've got things under control. No need to stress.
  • Right there with you. I feel like there's so much to do but it's all stuff that I have to wait on.
  • njgal26They all live down there, but I don't know everyone that will be there well enough to stay at their house.  My FI is a security blanket when I am around my to-be-in-laws.  They are sooo many aunts and uncles its really overwhelming
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