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December 2009 Weddings

Can we talk boudior photos again?

Who has done them and who is still planning to do them?My photographer does them and I really like him, he also works with his wife, so both of them would be there.  I feel very comfortable with them so I'm not worried about that.  I think I'm having body image issues.Like most brides I planned to lose like 20-25 pounds before the wedding.  Well I've only lost 10.  Honestly, I'm pretty comfortable with my body and am satisfied with how I look, I'm a size 10, that's pretty average.  Yes I'd like to lose 10 more pounds, and I probably will, it just takes me a LONG time to lose weight.  So I'm ok w/my body and I know FI loves my body and finds me sexy, yet I'm still not sure about going through with the boudior photos.I really wanted to do them but now I'm starting to think "I'm too fat".  How was your boudior experience?  Did you feel fat?

Re: Can we talk boudior photos again?

  • I haven't taken b-pics, and I'm not planning on doing them before the wedding because of budget issues, but I do really like the idea and am considering saving up and doing them as a 1-year anniversary present. Although I don't think you should feel self-conscious at all because like you said your FI is going to find them extremely sexy anyway, if you really still feel hesitant you could always wait to do them as a 1 year anniversary gift too and see if you could knock off those 10 lbs. I think if you find a great photographer though they will know how to accentuate the right curves with the angles and lighting. I say go for it!
  • I did them! I would do it all over again too! I did not loose any weight for mine, 5'6" 160 average I guess.  I am proud of my body and you should be too! He loves you for who you are.  I did not feel fat at all when I did my pictures.  The lady that did mine made me feel like I was a swimsuit model on Sports Illustrated.  I had so much fun! I hope you end up doing them, you wont regret it.  I did take my MOH with me and it made me feel more comfortable too.
  • I did them and LOVE them!  I am a size 14 so obviously heavier than you but I did outfits I knew I would look my best in.  A corset can do WONDERS.  I also did a baseball jersey which covered my tummy but showed off the ladies and thigh highs hide everything as well!  I also used a sheet so I could still be very suductive but hide what I think are my "problem" areas.  It is expensive but I think I love them more than he will! I honestly felt like I was on a photoshoot and your photographer will help you.
  • I just got mine back!!!!! I am pleased with them, I wished some outfits photographed better but I have sooooo many others that came out amazing!! Well worth the money IMO cause my FI will never in a million years believe that I did them!!! If you need ideas on poses and outfits you can email me at laur_10 at hotmail dot com and I will give you the website and password to take a look.  Oh and to answer your ????s I am a super self conscious girl about my body, while others think I am thin I am one of those that was used to my body being way thinner so I have those FAT days like everyone else. This experience really helped me loosen up. I felt great and my photographer (who I never met prior to this!) made me feel at ease. I actually felt great about myself!!
  • I gave birth 7 years ago, and my body has never been the same. Weight-wise, I am at my pre-pregnancy weight, but things just shift, you know?I very much want to take b-pics before we conceive a child, because after that baby, I know things will be different. I want to remember feeling fantastic, womanly, in love and knowing that FI thinks I am the sexiest woman in the world. And yeah, he would probably like them, too:)I know I will find fault with my body in my pics, because I am not perfect. But I really think my photog will be able to capture the "womanly-ness" that I feel when I think of how FI looks at me... the way he can still make me blush when he looks at me... the way I still feel a bit "mysterious" to him, even though we are living together and raising kids together.We can't afford them pre-wedding, but I am saving up and doing them before our 1 year anniversary (or, maybe for his b-day, which is sooner.)Do it. You will never be this young, single sexy lady again. I mean, you will still be young and sexy, but you'll be doing it Mrs.-style:) Besides, what is the worst that can happen?
  • Thanks girls! I called my photographer and she was awesome about it, she's really excited and says we'll have a blast.  I think I might bring my MOH with me but I totally trust my photogs even if MOH can't come.  They are a husband and wife team and the wife will be helping to make sure things are "in the right place' and will be styling my hair and stuff. I'm so excited, thanks for the encouragement! 
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