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invitation number wwyd?

Just got my invitations (woo hoo, it's about time!).The girl who made them already stuffed them so I just need to address them, stick a stamp on them, and put them in the mail.Would you take the time to unstuff them so you could number them like nygirl suggested?I really like nygirl's idea of numbering them, but it seems like extra work since they are stuffed already.

Re: invitation number wwyd?

  • I didn't. I liked the idea, but mine were set and ready to go. You'll survive without them.

  • I agree! Don't put any more work or stress on yourself then you have too.
  • I numbered them b/c it was such a good idea, and have gotten about 30back so far- no one has forgotten the names. So, yeah you are probably fine!Plus, even if they do forget, you'll be able to narrow it down based on the stamp the post office puts on the front of all the envelopes. :)
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  • I admit it,,,at least 4 morons sent back a response without a name...the numbering helped. In all honesty i dont know if i would have unstuffed them but i am so happy that i had to stuff them myself so i had a chance to put the #s on.
  • I wouldn't unstuff them, but maybe pull out the response envelope and number them.  It might be a pain but I also had a few people put "can't wait" or "we'll be there" and no name
  • We've gotten back almost 100 RSVP's and only 1 didn't have a name on it. We quickly checked and they had but their return address on the envelope so mystery was solved. I would probably just leave them as is. Oh and the one we got without the name...was my future in-laws!
  • I numbered mine and its been really helpful especially for people who just wrote their first names on my fiance's side of the family.
  • So far everyone wrote their names but some people's handwriting was hard to read so it's nice having the number there. But it's much more of a luxury than a necessity and depending on how much time you have and how many invitations you have I probably wouldn't unstuff them.
  • i had to number mine. i would not be able to do a seating chart if even just one reply came back with no name. it would just drive me crazy!!!
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