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December 2009 Weddings

wedding nightmatres!!

Is anyone else getting these? I had two last week! In the first one, it was the thursday before the wedding and NOTHING was done, no invites sent out, the reception wasnt planned, NOTHING AT ALL. Then I had another where I was wearing a bright red bra under my dress, which is strapless (my bra was not) and there was a giant trial of mud on the back of my dress. I cant take it!! When will they stop!?!

Re: wedding nightmatres!!

  • lol! I have a recurring dream where FMIL changes everything to purple behind my back, and dis-invites all my friends including the bridal party, and another where my MOH and Best Man can't be there for some reason.
  • I had one where I didn't have a dress the day of the wedding. We were in a shopping center and none of the store were open except for a really tacky store that had nothing but quincenera dresses in them! It was horrible.
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  • YES! I had one where we were on our honeymoon, didnt have our proper documentation, so we docked in the ohio river so my mom could bring it to me...Weird! Some of the girls on my local board say the dreams continue up until the wedding. Not the words of encouragement I was looking for.
  • OMG! I started having them on Saturday! I've had three this week!
  • Well at least im not the only one! I dont have any friends that are getting married or have been married, so when i tell them they just look at me like im crazy! What a sigh of relief, except for the part that they last till the wedding... :/
  • I dreamed that my FI called off the wedding, over the phone (since he's OOT ), and the invitations had just gone out so I didn't want to tell anyone since I thought he would change his mind.

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