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Help accessorize me... PIP

Hey ladies... sorry if the pic is so huge, I don't know how to resize it. I'm trying to figure out the accessories for my wedding day look, and I honestly have no clue what to wear! I plan on either wearing a birdcage veil or a flower fascinator, but as far as jewelry goes I am clueless. I was originally going to wear pearls, but they just looked too busy with my neckline. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! TIA :) [img]http://tinyurl.com/kjzd52[/img]

Re: Help accessorize me... PIP

  • Beautiful dress on you! The first thought that comes to mind is perhaps a delicate chain with a pearl or other type of pendant??
  • What about a cool cameo necklace?  A friend's daughter did this with the same neckline as you....[img]http://i34.tinypic.com/xq96vk.jpg[/img]
  • LOVELY DRESS!! Perhaps accessorize with heavy earrings and a dainty necklace with a pendant.
  • A birdcage would look great with that dress.  I think a short pair of pearls would look great.
  • have you found a picture of a model wearing that dress? what kind of jewelry did the model wear? honestly, that's what I did, I looked for something similar to what the model was wearing because i didnt know what would look good w/ my dress. =) good luck.
  • The dress looks great on you :o) I'd be tempted to no wear a necklace at all, just a pair of drop earrings.  There is a lot going on between the lace on the bodice and the lace on the sleeves, and a necklace could detract from those (or, as you say, look too busy).  If you really want a necklace, I'd try a very delicate chain with a small pendant.
  • Beautiful dress!  I am also wearing a lace dress with sleves but its a v neck.  It still has the same challenge with the neckline.  I would do pretty chandelier/drop earrings and a bracelet but no necklace.
  • Thank you all very much for the advice! (as well as the compliments on my dress...!) My dress is from Private Collection, so I haven't actually ever seen a picture of it to see how it's been styled before. I suppose I could always find a similar style though. I really like the idea of only wearing earrings. I can't ever recall seeing a bride NOT wear a necklace, but I think it may be the route I go! Thanks again for the suggestions.
  • It looks absolutely beautiful on you!!! You could even go with out a necklace as it is a beautiful neck line. And some type of drop earrings
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  • Megan, your grammar icon thing is AWESOME. Seriously.Personally, I would forego the necklace. The neckline is really pretty on its own, but if you really wanted a necklace I'd suggest something with a pendant. A pearl drop pendant, perhaps? Definitely some chandelier earrings also. If you wanted a bracelet, I think it would look great with a vintage pearl bracelet.
  • I would do pretty chandelier/drop earrings and a bracelet but no necklace.i agree with this!also, OP, i didn't wear a necklace. i prefer bare necks on brides. :)
  • I would say no necklace, drop earrings, and a bracelet. Also, the birdcage veil would be super cute! I love love love your dress!!!
  • I am giving a mom's perspective.  Beautiful dress that   you look fabulous in.  If you choose a necklace, it must be very simple, such as a dainty chain with single pearl or diamond.  Strand of pearls is too much and will complicate the neckline of dress.   PP post said something about cameo and I thought it was too much, IMHO.   I agree with pp about earings and bracelet and if you wear hair down, I vote no necklace, hair up, I would have to see necklace and know hairstyle, but would probably vote no necklace.
  • ditto no necklace. Try to find amazing dangle earrings and a stunning bracelet - both can have pearls. Definitely check out etsy!


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  • wow how beautiful! honestly if you go with a headpiece that has some drama to it like a birdcage (which by the way would be an AMAZING choice with your dress!!!) you don't even need a necklace. try to find some really pretty earrings that you like. either dangling pearls or some sparkly crystal earrings. a drop/dangly style would look really nice. you can find lots of vintage styles to compliment that type of dress.
  • you could get away with a statement bacelet too - like a matching set of multistrand pearl bracelet and dangling pearl earrings. i agree with you though about not wearing a necklace it owuld be too much. your neckline on your gown is so unique and pretty you don't want to compete with it.
  • i wouldn't even wear a necklace. that neckline is GORGEOUS, i wouldn't put anything there to take away from it.
  • Check out lulusplendor on etsy. She has gorgeous jewelry and can customize. Mine from her should be here Monday!
  • I actually had the Monique Lhuillier original and honestly I would suggest that you go very easy on the accessories.  No necklace for sure, pretty drop earrings and a minimalist bracelet.  As for a veil it is up to you but I really think a birdcage would clash with the style of that dress.
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  • A word of warning do NOT use the Anna Bellagio website to order your jewelry.  Don't make the same mistake I did, it was poor quality, and I never recieved a refund.  They have an unsatisfactory rating with the BBB as well.  Save yourself the stress and happy wedding!!
  • (i agree that a birdcage veil clashes with this gown!)
  • Thank you ladies for the additional input! I'm excited to go shopping now! :)
  • I would go without a necklace, wear a great bracelet, and have some little drop earrings that will jiggle a little when you move- that would look cool with a birdcage veil.
  • oh, and I second luluspelndor on etsy, she made my earrings and bracelet and they are fabulous! etsy in general is the greatest site on earth!
  • Beautiful dress!Definitely skip the necklace.  That's what I did with my strapless beaded gown - I just wore gorgeous drop earrings and my veil and it was the perfect amount of detail.  I think a bare neck on a bride is really lovely.Also have to agree with a couple of PP, not sure a birdcage veil is the way to go with this dress...  To me, your dress isn't vintage, it's romantic, and might be better suited with a more traditional style of veil.  I do think a large flower in your hair would be perfect with this dress.  Either way, you'll look great.  Good luck!
  • I'm going to disagree with a couple of PP nad say that a birdcage veil would look good with your dress. Try to find one that is on tulle and not netting.
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