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May 2011 Weddings

Happy to find a wedding planning board!

Hi all! We are planning to renew our vows possibly May of 2011 (maybe 2012) in a big ceremony of our dreams. We originally half-a**ed our wedding because we didn't have a lot of money, I got pregnant after we set the date (kept the same date) and it pissed his parents off (not good reasons, we see that now). This time we are doing things right and planning all the things we would have originally. I am buying the dress of my dreams, we're having the ceremony either on the beach, in a garden setting or at a lighthouse (haven't totally decided which one yet, still doing research) and the reception will be a sit down formal thing (maybe at one of the Inn's on Cape Cod). Right now I'm looking at dresses for my daughters (#1 will be about 10, #2 will be about 5-6, and the baby (due December!) will be about 2). I can't decide if they should each have their own dress, or if they should be matching. The oldest will be a Junior Bridesmaid and the younger two will be flower girls. I've been trying to figure out how to match up attendants, since we're including our girls. Can an adult Usher look okay with a 10yr old bridesmaid? Are there any real rules to renewing vows? I know that you don't have a shower or registery, but is there anything else that is considered a "no-no" for a renewal? I have read that white is sometimes a no-no, but I want a white gown to pass to my girls, so I'm going with white. Thanks ladies, and sorry this is so long!

Re: Happy to find a wedding planning board!

  • For dresses you can do what you want. Wear a white or ivory gown, I can't wear stark white because I'm so fair. I would personally have your dresses of the same or coordinating colors in a style suitable for her age. No need to be matchy-matchy. My BM are all picking their own dress from a designer I choose in a color I choose. You can leave out the junior and just call your daughter a BM, she will do everything the day of an adult BM does. It's not that big of a deal for her to walk with an adult or she can walk be herself, your choice. Do you think she might be shy walking with a man? I think I might have been at that age depending on the man and if I knew him. Have fun!
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  • Congrats on getting the wedding of your dreams. I don't know much about renewal no-no's but I say do whatever makes you happy as far as the dress color. If you want white go for it!
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  • It seems like you have thought it out well, and there are no big no-no's that I see from what you have said. I think an adult usher will look fine with your eldest daughter as long as she is fine with the usher. Good luck with the planning and welcome to the board.
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  • Its so exciting that you are able to do what you always wanted. Sometimes life throws us curve balls and we have to roll with it. Many women don't get the opportunity to have a do-over. With that being said. Go hog wild. There are no wedding police that can tell you what you can't do. And if anyone tries, punch them in the face. lol. But seriously, you are entitled to the world, and you shall have it. Your story is great, I look forward to getting to know you as we go through this process together.
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  • Thank you all so much! I'm glad to hear that there's really not any "rules" for renewing vows. I was afraid that there were going to be a ton of them and that I would look funny doing all the things we wanted to. We've decided that we are going to have our middle daughter (she'll be about 5) is going to be the ring bearer since we don't know any boys that would be the right age and we have two little girls thats aren't far apart in age. Thanks again!!
  • The Planning & Etiquette board ( P & E)  would have a field day with this question. --- Not being snarky just something I have noticed from lurking on these boards. The first place I would go is to the officiant who is doing the ceremony to get any "no-no's" from him/her first.  They will be able to tell you more. Other than that, ask your daughter how she wants to walk down the aisle, at 10 she is old enough to be comfortable with uncle jim next to her or by herself or to feel weird with a stranger  there.
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