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Help ladies!! I need advice...

Hello ladies! I hope everyone's week has gone well. I'm in a pickle and need some advice... Here's the scoop...When my fiance proposed to me he gave me a beautiful custom-made ring from a design he drew up and gave to the jeweler to make. We want to go ahead a make plans to draw up a design for my wedding band and get the process going to make it since it takes a few months to do it. I have a diamond necklace and earrings set that was given to me that i will never wear and I want to use them in some facet of making my band (and possibly his). The diamonds are antique and the necklace one is a little over a 1/3 of a carat, and the other earrring ones are probably about 1/4 of a carat. I've been told by the jeweler's appraiser that they will retail anywhere from $900 - up. My problem is that the jeweler charges 30% commission fee to sell them for us ( and i do not trust taking them anywhere else becaus this jeweler is well known to FI's family) What should I do with them? Should I try and sell them but talk with the jeweler to see if she'll knock of the commission b/c we are using the profit at her shop anyway? Or should we try and trade them in for smaller diamonds of equal value? FI suggests that we ask and see what she would quote us for the band design and see how much the diamonds would be worth to her in trade..... I'm really stuck here ladies and I don't know what to do!! I'm just looking for suggestions here! TIA!
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Re: Help ladies!! I need advice...

  • I am confused. You want to sell them as is, and use the money towards your bands? or do you want to use the jewelery to may your bands? I have no clue what to do if you want to sell them, seems to be that that would depend on the market in your area. I hope she is not charging "commission" for her to make the jewelery into a ring, I would go somewhere else if thats the case.
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  • Well, that's kind of my confusion as well.....I dont know whether I should sell the diamonds out right, see if she will take them on trade in exchange for making my band and my FI's, or to somehow use them in the band by either trading them in on smaller diamonds or *winces* grinding them down into smaller diamonds themselves. And she is not charging a commission to make the band, but charging to sell the diamonds in her store. (which i think 30%is a pretty steep price considering we are using the money at her store in the end anyway) I'm beginning to lean towards the idea of testing the waters to see if she will consider a trade. The diamonds in exchange for my band and my FI's. Either that or having her sell them for us if she will knock the commission down to like 10% or even eliminating it completely.
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  • I think you should ask for an even trade. She says no and you take your diamonds back, nothing lost. She says, great, or maybe she will offer to lower the commission rate. Or you could go in and ask her to lower the commission rate. Either way don't just accept the first price give to you try and haggle. It's a crap economy and I would guess people aren't buying a ton of diamonds. See what you can work out.
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  • I don't see why she is making you pay her to buy your diamonds! You are already giving her diamonds and now she wants you to pay her to sell the diamonds? I don't think that is okay. If you can get an even trade, thats the best deal, or shop around. If she does it, there is a chance that other jewelers are willing to make custom rings.
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  • My mom owns a store in NC and she typically will not sell anythingon commission beacuse of issues like this. I would consider paying the commission if you really want to actually sell the diamonds. In paying a commission you are paying for space in her shop (she could have her own products in that space which she would get 100% from) as well as her expertise as a jeweller. If you sell them in a less reputable shop you probably won't get as much for them.
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