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if we are having a early reception

do we serve alcohol or not. we are going to do a buffet lunch

Re: if we are having a early reception

  • There have been a lot of posts about alcohol recently.  Be sure to scroll down and read those.

    Alcohol is always optional.  I think it's less common at afternoon receptions, but if you want to serve it you certainly can.
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  • The time doesn' dictate whether or not alcohol is served.  I had a late morning ceremony with a full reception with plated lunch.  We had an open bar.

    You can have alcohol at a brunch reception, a lunch reception, a dinner reception, an hors d'euvres reception, or anything in between.  You can also have a "dry" reception at any of those times.

    I think it depends a lot more on budget than time of day.
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  • I would expect alcohol at a wedding reception any time of day. Mimosas/bloody marys for brunch... wine, beer, cocktails for lunch or dinner. I would be disappointed if I couldn't get a glass of wine 
  • You're never obligated to serve alcohol and it's less expected at a daytime event.  But it is definitely nice to have if it's in your budget and you'd like to have it.
  • I've never been to a lunch reception that didn't serve alcohol. I would be surprised if it wasn't there.
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    It's always optional (I would never judge anyone for not having it), but if you choose to serve it, options like mimosas, bloody marys, bellinis, or rum punch are nice to have.  Also a good way to serve alcoholic options without having a full open bar. 
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