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Silk Vs Real Hydrangeas

I am planning on using Purple Hydrangeas as my flower of choice... along with accent white Roses... I just recently heard that they do not have a very good longevity. Now I was thinking of using silk flowers instead... Hav anyone used either and what would the pro and cons be to either...

Thanks for your help...

Re: Silk Vs Real Hydrangeas

  • i went fake all the way, there are some that feel like rubber and look so real,i have issues spending money on something that will wilt or get thrown away. Also im a nutty control freak so i already have my bouquets so im not stressing the day of about where are they? are they wilted?? are they ugly??
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  • I am using fake as well.. I can keep mine and my friends can keep theres if they would like! I went to garden ridge.. idk if you have one where you are located but the look SO REAL! I am also getting mine after Christmas so they will be on sale :)
  • I would never consider fake flowers... to me they just look, well... fake. But, it's a personal choice. 

  • Natural blue and cream colored silk hydrangeas - all the way...  centerpiece prototype unfinished in post

  • We had hydrangeas at my shower/bach on Friday, and hydrangeas in my bouquet and as the centerpieces at the wedding which was a Sunday...the flowers from the shower/bach still looked beautiful so we used them on sunday too, to help out with little decor here and there!! I say as long as they are cut and cared for properly(any good florist should know how) they will be beautiful!!!!!
  • You can get some really nice looking artificial flowers  - I got mine from afloral.com.  I was going to do DIY with bulk flowers from Sam's but the stress of keeping them alive for 3 days was too much (on top of everything else).  I also got some of the rubbery feeling ones that Victoriatx was talking about at Hobby Lobby for 50% off.   Maybe just get a few stems to look at and see if you like them.  If they work for you then order more.
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  • In Response to Re: Silk Vs Real Hydrangeas:
    Go with fake if they are going to be in a bouquet.  My hydrangea bouquets wilted when it was 80 degrees outside.  If they are going to be inside, go with real ones.
    Posted by NillaWafer10
    This was also a major problem at my cousin's wedding. the flowers were brown by the time we walked down the aisle.

    Otherwise i would recommend real for other flowers.
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