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Central New York

Wedding Update Wednesday

What have YOU accomplished?
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Re: Wedding Update Wednesday

  • Last weekend we went shopping for and  FI's mother purchased her mother of the bride dress.  I was pleased with her choice.... I was a little worried I wouldn't end up liking whatever she got... but I wouldn't have really said anything.

    Also FI's father got fitted for the tux and paid for it.

    I can't say I've done much of anything else really... one of my maid of honors has decided to get married THIS MAY 5th!?!  (Literally decided last Friday...)  So I've been putting my planning on hold to get get bridal shower/bachelorette party happening... I am SOOOO stressed out right now since I'm worried about geting it all done...
    My Attempted Wedding Blog - http://aroseywedding.blogspot.com/
  • Wow! That could be stressful- that's less than 3 months!! Good luck with planning the b'rette party :-)

    I didn't do much of anything. I do need to call the place where we want to have photos done, and see if they'll actually agree to let us. Otherwise, nothing new this week!
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  • May 5th, holy crap that's soon! I can imagine your stress, and hers!

    I ordered save the dates finally. The proof for them was supposed to get emailed to me today for approval, but I haven't gotten it yet. 

    I also ordered a custom return address stamp. The name on it is just FI's last name. I felt it a bit presumptious to put both our first names and only his last name on it since our wedding is still a ways away. But hopefully that'll save my hand when I start having to write a million addresses. 
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    I addressed 10 invitations and sliced 10 wine corks to be the escort card holders. Not a whole lot, but I've been working on a few of these every night so they slowly get accomplished. Don't think we're doing much this weekend either, but we'll see!
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  • All this talk about how May 5th is so close is giving me anxiety, since that's my wedding date! Although I have been planning for nearly a year now...

    As you can tell from my last post, I sent out my invites this past week and the reply cards keep rolling in. I also took my dad and brother to get measured for their tuxes yesterday. Just the ringbearer to go and all the guys are squared away. That's about it! I feel like I should be accomplishing more with less than 3 months to go...
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  • eeeeek! I guess I haven't done anything! I did help my mom buy her dress but that's it! Better luck next week, congrats to you all on your checks!
  • FI's mother picked out her dress. Its a pretty navy blue color with that layered tier look that is popular for MOB dresses. 

    Our main goal right now is rings! We have been looking so much and we are both not seeing any that really "wow" us, so it will be a long process, im sure. 

    That's pretty much it! we are about 4 months away, and everything is going really smooth. fingers crossed it stays that way! 
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