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Calling all Ottawa Brides (and grooms)

Hey girls (and maybe even guys),

I'm looking for other Ottawa and ottawa valley brides who are getting married in the area. When are you getting married and if you've chosen a location, where?  I'm just getting started.. My FI and I have chosen a date but have yet to start looking for a reception and ceremony location(s).  We're getting married July 21,2012. Would love to here from everyone else...
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Re: Calling all Ottawa Brides (and grooms)

  • LittlinLittlin member
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    Hello and welcome!  There are at least a few brides from Ottawa.  I'm from Toronto, personally, and got married a few months ago in August.
  • kaitlyn20kaitlyn20 member
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    Hey im technically from New Brunswick but we are having our wedding in the ottawa area since im from that area originally and both of our faMily and friends are there. we are getting married in august 2012.. Ive done alot of looking into different venues and we both fell in love with stanelys but unfortunately when we met up with the owners we realized that we just couldnt afford. so we have to come up with a different plan which is hard when you fell in love with a beautiful place but im looking at a few places.

    - a church in the town i grew up for the ceremony and having the reception at either the parish hall or the beach
    - synergy ark ( i really like it but its mostly the distance and number of guests stopping me)
    - the chapel on base and then the reception at one of the mess halls
    - ive also been looking at outdoor places but they seem to be the most expensive :(
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  • MadisonpennyMadisonpenny member
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    Oh I know Stanleys and itis  very expensive.. I think because thats often a number 1 spot for weddings and they know it.  My FI and I are planning a outdoor ceremony and indoor reception witha country/rustic theme to it but have yet to pick a spot as of yet. Theres a wedding convention going on this coming weekend (tomorrow) which I'll be going to and hopefully a few places that we have yet to see or even hear of.
    I know what you mean about some of the locations being so far out and having guests have to travel that distance.. its made me secon guess a few locations as well.
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  • Misslily2011Misslily2011 member
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    I'm from Ottawa and am getting married in August. I technically live over in hull now but close enough. We've chosen a location over in hull adn the price just couldn't be beat. It's a beautiful log cabin not that far from the casino.

    Have you tried Stathmere? I've heard that place is beautiful but am not sure about the price.

    What type of wedding are you thinking of having? Big? Small? Expensive? DIY?

    I also recommend that you book earlier than later. We booked a year in advance and had to choose an alternate weekend to the one we wanted.
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    I just got married on Saturday in Ottawa.

    We had our reception at Capone's Catering in Nepean. The venue was beautiful and the staff were very helpful. We had 90 people, but there was definitely room for more. 

    If you need any suggestions for flowers, dj, bridesmaid dresses, alterations, photographers, etc. I've got some good ones.

    We were really trying to keep frugal with our choices and I don't think people would know the difference if we had spent more money on our wedding.
  • LittlinLittlin member
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    I'm also an Ottawa bride. Also recently engaged.

    We've set a date (June 30, 2012) but are still searching for a venue for our ceremony and our reception. I'm totally lost right now. I'm looking into the Code's Mill Inn in Perth, Lago at Dow's Lake, Orchard View in Greely, the Sheraton downtown (though I just realized that our wedding would fall the day before Canada Day and we would all wake up trapped downtown...), and Calabogie Peaks Resort.

    We're going to check out Lago tonight. Their menu sounds fabulous!

    GOOD LUCK! And let me know if you find some sort of unknown hidden gem in the general area...
  • kaitlyn20kaitlyn20 member
    edited December 2011
    I booked my venue...and its so beautiful...it was our second choice for the longest time but we finally made the jump and put a deposit......they are called the synergy ark  and so far they have a 100% referral rate.....
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    Im in ottawa and getting married on May 12th 2012!

    The first stop was stanly's farm and it was wonderful! Unfortuenly i dont think they took us seriously because I was 18 and planning a wedding for 2013. It was extreamly expensive though.

    Next stop was Strathmere and it was nice. Abit expensive though

    We decided to go with Orchard view. The people there are wonderful and alot of the stuff is included. We are having our ceromony in the gazebo and the reception in the terrance room! Im excited to start planning! Its also nice that they do the catering for you!

    Our ceromony is at 2:30 pm andf the reception will be at 5pm.

    We also booked the bridal suit for the day so i can get ready there. We have it drom 10 am to 1 am !
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    I'm getting married in kanata on June 23rd 2012.

    My FH and myself looked at many places but settled on Irish Hills Golf and Country club.  They have 2 rooms (small and Large) for good prices.  Pictures can be done there if you wish with a view of the Gatineau hills in the background. If you are looking for a place where you can get a good price for room rentals and food this is the place.  They are located out on Carp Road by the Carp Village.  I know that they are a reputable place as I have been there for other functions and a friend of mine got married there last summer.

    Strathmere is good too.  Working with the School Board here in Ottawa we have seminars and workshops there and they are wonderful.  It is expensive but is a really nice spot.
    Orchard View is beautiful. My sister had her wedding there and they had great service and the pictures that were done there were very pretty. 

    MissLily2011 is right about booking.... We booked in early February of this year and the June 2012 weekends were almost all booked. 

    Where about in Ottawa is everyone here from?
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    You have to be more specific .... 

    Do you want advice in terms of

    Wedding location
    way to save money

    Michel Gauthier

  • lcs79lcs79 member
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    We're having our reception at the Aviation Museum - they have a tent outdoors for ceremony if you want.  Other museums in Ottawa also do weddings.  It's a bit more expensive since we pay for the venue and caterer separately, and also more coordination - but the venue is so cool!

    We also looked at Cumberland Heritage Village museum but they don't have an indoor location for a reception.  If you wanted to do an outdoor event it'd be great. 
  • mricher1983mricher1983 member
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    I'm in Ottawa not originally from here but not that far away.

    We decided to get married at Strathmere. When I compared a lot of prices to other locations that you can have your ceremony, reception and a great place to take pictures at one spot, i found the price reasonable. To cut costs we are taking advantage of the 50% off facility fees, so it'll be either April or May 2012, I would prefer to May.

    We are also having a cocktail party instead of having a sit down meal, to cut cost . Plus, we're pretty laid back people and would rather have everyone mingling and dancing. I also like the idea of not having to worry about setting things up and taking it down, it's all taken care of and they have a wedding coordinator working with you.
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    Hello Ottawa brides, 

    We got married in July 2009. 90 guests, perfect PERFECT wedding. 45 people from Vancouver. Colors Eggplant and apple green. Many unique features. Code's Mill in Perth was our venue (we saw 21 venues, I was super picky and on a budget). I attach a few photos. 

    Happy to help any of you for recommendations. 

  • Shaundra3Shaundra3 member
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    We live just outside of Ottawa and are getting married at our home on August 25, 2012.  Anyone else doing a at home ceremony and reception?  We are planning a casual day with a bonfire at the end with possible fireworks.
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    My fiancee and I are getting married in Ottawa this coming October at The Brittania Yatch Club. We liked the fact that lots was included and we can get married and have the reception all at the one site. Its kinda rustic and along the Ottawa river, if you have any questions let me know!
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    We are getting married at the Chateau Montebello in August 2011. Not sure if you have booked your venue yet but we were looking for the same idea that you are. We went to all the places and here are our thoughts based on 100 people :) Hope it helps!

    Bean Town Ranch


    6 hrs from Toronto

    1 hr from Ottawa

    $9,912 = $99.12 per person

    Stanley’s Farm


    5 hrs and 10 min from Toronto

    35 min from Ottawa

    The Trillium Resort and Spa


    5 hrs from Ottawa

    2.5 hrs from Toronto

    $9,900 = $99 per person



    4 hrs and 48 min from Toronto

    32 min from Ottawa

    $14,244.70 = $129.49 per person (based on 110)

    The Baldachin Inn


    1 hr from Ottawa

    4.5 hrs from Toronto

    $9,149 = $91.49 per person


    Chateau Montebello - Fairmont


    In Quebec 

    1 hr 8 min from Ottawa

    6 hrs 8 min from Toronto

    $18,680 = $186.80 per person


    Chateau Laurier - Fairmont


    In downtown Ottawa

    5 hrs and 11 min from Toronto

    $18,255.30 = $173 per person


    Camp Fortune


    In Quebec

    30 min from Ottawa

    5 hrs and 35 min from Toronto

    $10,790.11 = $107.90 per person


    Calabogie Peaks 


    1.5 hrs from Ottawa

    5 hrs and 11 min from Toronto

    $17,593.51 = $167.55 per person (based on 105 people)


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    You didn't have to be a member of the yatch  club to book it?  What do they charge?  Sounds quite nice considering my FI is military Navy guy -  I want him to wear his whites when we get married :)

    We are thinking on renting the Keg Manor on Richmond Road.  They rent the manor out and will cater.  We have the choice of being married in their gardens there or just across from them walking distance is the Public Gardens. 

    I'd love to hear your plans.  We are planning on August 2013.


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    I'm in Ottawa and getting married on October 1, 2011!!!  We booked our venue a year in advance and still had some problems as a lot of places book up quickly so don't hesitate once you find something you like! 

    We looked a few different venues and are getting married at the Rideau Tennis Club.  It's in the east end of the city and right on the river and park.  We are going to have the ceremony in the park beside the tennis club and the reception in the tennis club which is a nice yellow building with a wrap around porch.  It's run through the RA Centre and they do their own catering.  They've been great to work with so far and the costs seem very reasonable.  It accomodates around 110 people for a sit down meal.
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     Are there any great bands and photographers etc that you would recommend in Ottawa, ON?
  • kaitlyn20kaitlyn20 member
    edited December 2011

    Mittens photography. Hes based out of toronto but he does ottawa area, toronto, new brunswick, so hes very flexible...and hes very easy going and also you can do monthly payments leading up to the wedding instead of doing 3 different deposits

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    Nice to find a group of brides from Ottawa!  I'm looking at Bean Town or Strathmere for my venue.  I like the idea of one location for everything..  Kinda a rustic look.
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    Having your wedding at home sounds great... unfortunately we'll be in the middle of a move just before the wedding.  :0)  

    I assume your doing it outside?
  • I currently live in Alberta but from the Ottawa area. Our wedding is planned for June 29, 2013 at my fathers farm near the Morrisburg Area. It will be an outdoor wedding. The ceremony and reception will be at the same spot.!
  • I'm planning a Fall 2013 Wedding at Stanley's Olde Maple Lane Farm. I currently reside in Regina, SK. however am Originally from eastern Ontario. I noticed a lot of brides mentioning that Stanley's is pretty expensive. I found it to be pretty comparable to other venues I looked at in the area. Their events are completely customizable to what you want for your day, so obviously the more you want the more money you will pay. So far I've found their coordinator to be quite helpful.
  • We got married at The Barn (near Wakefield, QC, about 1/2 hour outside of ottawa) and was great fro an outdoor wedding.  It's a family-owned property that they rent out to groups and the big meadow fit our tent nicely.  Our wedding photos turned out really well too because there are so many small details (old wooden barn, trees, meadows, even access to a lake and a canoe.  

    Their website is www.the-barn.ca and I believe they charged $1300 for the whole weekend on the property (our wedding party came up and stayed from Thursday night to Sunday night to decorate the place).
  • It's really great to find this Board and read all the suggestions. I am looking for a venue more in the Ottawa Valley area. Many of the places mentioned look nice but just don't float my boat.

    Does anyone know of a good wedding planner? I am from Ottawa but majority of my family is in the Brockville region. I love in Europe so doing it on my own is impossible.
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