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September 2012 Weddings

Are you doing any planning already?

If so, what? If not, when do you think you will start?

Have you looked at any dresses or know your colors?
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Re: Are you doing any planning already?

  • We have definitely started planning!  I live near a large city, and stuff books up fast here.  We are re-looking at a venue next weekend and if it fits how many people they say, wewill put a deposit down.  I already have my dress, and my colors are dark brown, dark red-orange and cream.  The rest of the planning is just ideas.  We already have most of our vendors pegged, but we are waiting until we have money for deposits, and then we are going to book them at a bridal show when they are offering big discounts.  I love having so much time to plan :)
  • We have started on "Ideas" including the colors, theme, venue, foods, etc... we are just trying to get the money to be able to get everything that we want.
  • yes we have started so far we booked our hall  we met with 2 flower vendors still pending would really like to book everything this year. (to get this years price) 2years the price will be higher still trying to get the color scheme together would like cake manraven to do my cake redvelet so excited good luck stay in touch
  • oh I forgot yes i have 2 dress in mind one is a eve of milady  and another maggie sottero I am even thinking about going out the box and do siver mist instead of the traditional white my kids love it they say mom be diffrenet (renewing our vows) 2012 will be 15 years .frist wedding was small so we would like to do it up Laughing
  • Aww that is so special gorham Smile... I have most definitely started planning... This stuff is expensive and my FI and I want to pay for everthing ourselves... Going to visit my venue next weekn. Which I know Im going with..  Both wedding and reception in one place eliminates transportation cost.. I have already picked my colors ( pink and green), cake and wedding programs...  I am now trying to decide on caterers and a menu.. definitely buffett style.. I think its the best route to go. 
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    My FI and I had decided on a venue, but then last weekend we decided to visit one "last" place. OMG, we fell in love with it. The only problem- It is way more expensive than the original place we had picked. So we are sooo confused :(

    We want the the more expensive venue but we are really trying to decide if we really want to go that route (spend more money)...

    The one good thing is that we have about 800 days to save for it, right? (LOL) 
  • Well Lakiascott29 my motto has been and will be I'm only doing this one time, so lets do it how I really want to!!! Just follow your heart and you won't be disappointed in your decisions!  Good Luck!
  • see that one last placed gets ya everytime lol.. Go for it girl... If its what you really want... good luck..

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  • Agreed!  If it's what you really want, don't leave any room for the "shoulda, coulda, woulda".  So why not cut back in one area to make up for the venue you really want?  

    Personally I am considering a semi real cake with a kitchen cake  guests don't see.  I've found a cake maker who does this.  Some may think it's slightly tacky but we will probably have about 250 people @ the wedding.  If the cake is made to look EXACTLY like the cake I want but is fake, I do not mind if we cut the corners a bit.  But on the other hand some other points will not be cut because there are things that I really want.

    Good luck.
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  • I have a little folder I keep magazine clippings and printed pictures from the internet. I also have a folder on my desktop. I've decided what kind of dress I want so I know what to look for when I finally go shopping. Our colors are picked already. We know basically what we want and where we want to have it, just need to work out all the details, save up some money and get everything done. Then there's the waiting lol.
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  • We are collecting ideas right now. We are trying to set a budget and have started saving money. We want to decide what we absolutely have to buy and what we can do ourselves.
    I have ideas for what kind of dress I want, but I also want to lose a few pounds so I'm not going to try any on or buy any until the beginning of 2012 probably.
    We also MIGHT be moving out of state next March. We are undecided on that as of yet, so we're not going to look at venues until we are 100% on what we want to do.
    As for colors, I'm leaning towards brown and light blue right now, but he wants green. 
    I have also started making a list of family and friends I will be inviting, I've been trying to convince him to do the same but he's being stubborn. He thinks it's too early for a guest list.
    "Are you guys brother and sister or the boyfriend/girlfriend type?"
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  • My FI and I really haven't booked anything, we've got a lot of ideas though! We do have a date, 9/22/12 and I picked our colors are watermelon and dark chocolate.
  • Haven't booked anything yet, still in the research and planning/comparing phase.  Problem is I'm only working part-time right now so saving up for deposits is going to be the big thing.
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  • We will probably put a deposit down on a venue in the spring sometime, and will probably start looking at caterers and photographers next summer, but other than that I won't do anything until next fall!  I just feel like there's more than enough time, and if I make any big decisions now I'll probably change my mind.
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  • I started planning the day after we became engaged simply because there was a lot of things we had/have to get done before the wedding can take place. Some of which isn't completed yet either. Plus in addition to that, since we are paying for everything, we had to start planning early so we could make sure cash goes where it needs to go and we don't blow money on the wrong things.
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  • We have our date set, which is a good starting point, but I am hoping we get to visit a few venues before the end of the year.  Where we have our ceremony and reception will influence the style and, to some degree, the decorating.  So until we have a confirmation and put down a deposit, everything is just in the "collecting ideas" stage!

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