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Photo Tour Timing

I am planning my wedding day timeline and want to make sure my guest are entertained while we do a photo tour.

Do the wedding guest go on the photo tour? If so, do you provide snacks on the party bus?

If not how do you transition between the ceremony and the reception? (we are having an in-suite reception)


Re: Photo Tour Timing

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    I am inviting my guest to join us for the photo tour, I will have champagne for them inside the party bus.  after the tour we are going straight to the reception.having everyone together will make it easier for me , I hope that they would like to take their on pictures if not their will be music playing on the bus ,
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    Ditto what Shaq said, mine are coming with us for the photo tour, we are allocating 2.5-3 hrs for for it and I hope to have drinks on the bus for them.
  • GribblesGribbles member
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    Same - we are having champagne, softdrinks and water on hand, I want to put out M&Ms in our colours as well. I have a carefully selected music playlist, and our bus has plasma screens and Nintendo Wii on it as well! If anyone is bored, well....!
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    Is everyone allocating 2 1/2 - 3 hours for the photo tour? This seems like a really long time we are having our ceremony 4-7 will a photo tour be ok at 7? How long will it take for a 'quick' photo tour?? this has thrown me a bit!

  • aerinpegadrakaerinpegadrak member
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    We ended up doing our photo tour for about an hour and a half before the ceremony.  All of the guests were invited, but it ended up being mainly the WP and my family.  We only did two stops, though: Bellagio, Paris, then back to MB.
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  • ltbattsltbatts member
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    Ladies this is really helpful! I was freaking out like what will they do.
    @ Gribbles which limo company are you using?

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    We had a cheese and deli tray and a veggie tray on the party bus along with cider (DH and I don't really drink). We got dropped off at Plazzo and the bus took everyone else down to the wynn. they ad 2.5 five hours to hang out there and then we met them got on the party bus and headed to the reception. I think a lot of people gambled, got drinks and just hung out while we were taking our photos.
  • GribblesGribbles member
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    In Response to Re: Photo Tour Timing:
    @ Gribbles which limo company are you using?
    Posted by ltbatts
    Hey ltbatts - I posted about it further down - I will copy and paste. It was quite expensive but it was a part of our day I didn't want to scrimp on. BTW - Our wedding ceremony is at 6 and our reception is at 9 - after photos on the chapel grounds we are doing our tour with Todd, so that will leave about 2.5 hours or so, maybe a bit less.

    It is the limo in this music video - we hired it through NTS Limos.


    Rate: $500 an hour excluding tax and gratuity. The guy we booked with gave us a 20% discount which basically meant waiving the extra $100/hour fees on top. 4 hours is a staggering $2000 but this is the main 'Vegas' element to our day, so I think it will be worth it.

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    • Strobe Lights
    • 5,000 Watt Stereo System
    • Nintendo Wii

    It comes fully stocked with ice, water and softdrinks and it's Bring Your Own alcohol.
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