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Musician - Any reviews on Kalani Smythe?

I was just notified from my WC that one of my possible musicians (Jamie Lawrence) has another inquiry for my wedding date and I have to make a decision ASAP.

Karen was kind enough to recommend Kalani Smythe as he plays more of the style we are looking for, however my computer (work's computer) won't let me play clips of his music. Has anyone used him in the past? If so, what was your experience? I don't want to book him without having an idea of his quality.

Thanks so much!
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Re: Musician - Any reviews on Kalani Smythe?

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    I know Kalani Smythe is pretty popular, but if I had my choice I would go with Jamie Lawrence, just from the reviews he's gotten over the years on this board (ive been a lurker for a while). I haven't heard either muscian in person, but I believe Jamie is THE entertainer to have. 

    Hope that helps.
  • pbkmompbkmom member
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    Hey Beth,
    I can get the cd and mail it to you if you want. I would say Kalani is just more low key than Jaime. My girlfiend went to listen to Jaime for me when he played at Tommy Bahamas and enjoyed him very much. The kids just preferred something less traditional romantic.
  • ETweetETweet member
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    Hey Karen,

    Thanks for the offer. If I knew I would have more time to decide I would totally have taken you up on it. I searched around and was able to listen to some of his songs, I think my computer was having issues before. He sounded great and my only thing was that I wanted to speak with someone who had actually heard him in person, but I couldn't find anyone. Due to the time crunch my FI said we should just play it safe and book Jamie, so we did. Truly I am bummed though because I really think Kalani is WAY more our style. Thanks for all of your help sweetie! Will you let me know how he was at your son's wedding, please?
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