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Vendor Tip Question

I have read other posts about which vendors to tip and how much, some of which included links to comprehensive advice, so I know all the usual stuff.  My question is about 3 in particular.  My caterer, photographer, and videographer are extended family/friends of the family (3 separate, unrelated people).  All of them perform these jobs for other people as well, but it is not their main profession.  Each of them is giving me a "discount" from what they would normally charge for their services.  From what I have read, you typically don't tip someone who owns their own business, so does this count as owning their own business?  Also, I was thinking to tip each of them because they are doing me a favor with the discount, and the tip would be my extra thanks (along with a thank you card sent out after the wedding).  Any suggestions?  Is this how you would handle this?  Thanks!!
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Re: Vendor Tip Question

  • You could give them a gift, like a gift card to their favorite restaurant.
  • I would definitely tip them in some way, either cash or PP's idea. But I generally tip everyone, whether they own the business or not, as long as I'm happy with their product/service. You definitely do not have to tip them if they are essentially working for themselves, but it's a nice gesture especially since they're giving you a discount.
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