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S/O Video Games

All this WoW talk has me in video game mode now.

What are your all time favorite video games?
Video game system?
Extra points for nostalgia.

Have you heard about the website where guys can pay to play video games with good looking women? Thoughts? ETA: It's called Gamecrush.

Re: S/O Video Games

  • Lol nice :)

    Now my video games are reduced to the Wii games or just computer puzzle games. I was playing WoW from 2007 until about 8 months ago when my computer died.

    I used to live on my gameboy when I was little. I also loved my sega genesis and sega game gear.

    I actually never owned a Nintendo game system until I got the Wii, I was a weird child I know.

    I have not actually. That's kind of creepy but doesn't surprise me at all. It's kind of like how males will make female characters in games just so they can stare at a female asss instead of a male one.
  • Ultimate Alliance (the first one, two sucked)

    i have a wii and a 360

    When I was little I played dr. mario with my grandma, that was always fun.
  • Favorite game is any of the original mario bros games - or duck hunt. That game rocked. And I think it goes without saying that the NES is my favorite system - mine still works BTW.

    I have not heard about this website but it sounds kind of weird though
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  • Mike Tyson's Punch Out

  • Oh, and the game I HATE beyond all reason, Madden 10...which Dh is playing now. It makes me get a headache from listening to the same bad music over and over and over and over and over....
  • Original Nintendo- All Mario Brothers, the first Zelda (the second one sucked!), Kirby, Friday the 13th, Nemo's Adventures in Dreamland

    Supernintendo- Zombies Ate My Neighbors!, Donkey Kong

    Nintendo 64- Goldeneye, Zelda Ocarina of Time (but only for the fishing part)

    A short anecdote: My brother got to do the Make-a-wish thing when he was sick. He could have gotten anything, a trip to Disneyworld, whatever. He wanted a Supernintendo. A supernintendo! It came with Mario Paint...
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    What are your all time favorite video games? Anything Mario-related: Original Mario 1-3, Super Mario World, Yoshi's Island. Plus Street Fighter 2, River City Ransom on Nintendo, and Kirby

    Video game system? I had a Nintendo with the power pad and Super Nintendo, and now have a PS2, Xbox 360, and Wii

    Extra points for nostalgia. Bubble Bobble? My sister used her Wii points to get it on there, and it's still super fun!

    ETA: Goodness, I'm slow today. Beatles Rock Band is one of my favorite games, hands down.

    Taco cat: Always a palindrome. ALWAYS, okay J&K?

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  • Aww, I love old video games. FI has an x-box, but I don't really touch anything new.
  • lol, I love that you started this thread!

    The only two games I am even decent at are Mario brothers 3 and Diddy Kong Racing from super nintendo and N64.
  • i love the classics still.....tetris and frogger are my two favorites. i LOVED sonic when i was younger. freaking awesome. i played that game all the damn time! of course zelda ocarena of time (sp?) was the best ever! and who can forget donkey kong!!!!!!

    as for systems, we had the original atari (tanks ftw!), we still have a working comodore 64 (and yes we have games! worm still works!), had nintendo 64, ps2. FI had every nintendo system (he's a nintendo nut). now we have wii, 2 xbox's, and a ps3, along with a gaming pc.
  • I love all video games, always have. i have 3 brothers and no sisters so I played video games a lot with the boys. Between us, we still have an original nintendo, sega genesis with the cd player, dreamcast, all the playstations, wii, xbox 360, and I think every handheld system that has ever come out. I get to play whatever I want when I go home, but am partial to the old school stuff like Mario, Sonic, and Megaman.
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  • dandan83dandan83 member
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    What are your all time favorite video games?
    Video game system?
    Extra points for nostalgia.

    I am completely in love with the Final Fantasy series. 8 is my favorite followed closely by X and X-2. I play wow in spurts. I haven't touched it in probably 2 months. I also love the Zelda series (all of them but I particularly enjoyed A Link to the Past) Earthbound was amazing as well. I'm an RPG nut. There are honestly too many to name. More recent favorites include the Rock Band/Guitar Hero series.

    I'm gonna have to go with the NES as being my favorite system just becaue it was the first one I ever owned myself. Santa brought it when I was 3ish I want to say. I recently purchased a working Atari though so I'm all kinds of excited about that.
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  • Great thread; had to chime in.

    Grew up in the tail end of SNES and the heyday of N64. Do not try to beat me at MarioKart 64 and don't expect to tell me anything new about any Zelda game ever.

    FI and I have an N64, a Game Cube, an Xbox, a PS2, a Wii, an Xbox 360, and a PS3. Oh yes.

    And for the fellow non-console nerds, we don't play WoW but we love other Blizzard games. I have my issues with Starcraft, but the Diablo series is so epic! Can't wait for number 3! Bethesda and Sid Meier make great games too. FI and I have recently played through Borderlands for the PC. Good stuff.
  • My all-time favorite game is either Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for N64 or Earthbound for SNES. Earthbound is a somewhat lesser-known game but it's a really fun RPG. But my all-time favorite game system is probably PS2.

    Also, I will admit to being almost 26 years old and still enjoying Pokemon probably more than I should. I bought Pokemon Platinum on release day last year ... the guy at the checkout (who was probably only 2-3 years younger than I am!) asked me if I needed a gift receipt for this game which was clearly for my young son or daughter in his mind. I think I was more insulted that he thought I was old enough to have a kid old enough to want to play a video game. I was 24 at the time! There was another guy about mid-20s in the store buying Pokemon too ... we gave each other a "look" at the display stand. We both knew it wasn't a gift for a younger relative!
  • K-byte, that's awesome. I think we all have our guilty pleasures. I easily lose 4 hours on a weekend to Dr. Mario. The music is so....damn....catchy....

    I dabbled in WoW, DH played a lot in college, but it was sucking so much time away, he decided to go cold turkey and never look back. He plays Starcraft, we both like Portal, it's more of a puzzle game, which I tend to enjoy.

    And to dorkify myself even more, we played 5 hours of DnD with friends yesterday. Where else in life can you befriend a drunken dragon-born with a pet bear?   
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    What are your all time favorite video games?
    Video game system?
    Extra points for nostalgia.

    I think my all-time favorite game has to be Knights of the Old Republic. It was pretty much the only Star Wars game that didn't suck.  I also loved the Resident Evil series up through RE: Code Veronica.  WoW was pretty much my next fix, but I've been WoW free for nearly a year now.  My current game addiction is Dragon Age: Origins and the expansion (Awakenings) on PC.

    We have 2 PCs, a Wii and a Xbox 360.  While I love the consoles just to have the big screen experience, I have to say my favorite system is the PC.  Mainly because you don't have the loading time issues and you can download mods for games.

    I think the first game I played from start to finish was Metroid on the original NES.  I loved that Samus turned out to be female!
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