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Can't fit address on one line, proper etiquette?


   I know people have different opinions on using labels for addressing envelopes, but my fiance and I decided to go this way for STDs.  What do I do when I can't fit a married couple's name on one line?  Ex - "Mr. Joe Smith and Mrs. Jane Washington" won't fit.  In this case is it OK to address as "Mr. Joe Smith and
                               Mrs. Jane Washington"

This happens with several of our guests and was just curious.


Re: Can't fit address on one line, proper etiquette?

  • Actually, it's
    Mrs. Jane Smith
    Mr. Joseph Washington

    The woman is always listed first.
  • Thanks a lot!
  • I wouldn't put and on it's own line.
  • Jager1219Jager1219 member
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    I'm with Swanny.  I think you need to USE "and" to indicate that they are married (as opposed to just two names listed which would indicate that they are NOT married), but I wouldn't put and on one separate line.  Especially when you figure that the next line will be used for the address and the next for the city, state & zip.  If they have an apartment or PO Box that would go below the address line and now you're looking at 6 lines for an address...that seems too much.  My rule of thumb was to use no more than 5 lines.
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