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Favor Help

Ok, I need some serious help picking my favors. I do not know if I should do something edible or something they can take with them.
I am tossing around the idea of fortune cookies (with a personalized saying), or maybe a personalized shot glass (but I think the older generation would not appreciate something like that). I dont want it to be crazy expensive either. Oh I just dont know.
What is everyone else doing?
What suggestions do you have?
What were your top 3 ideas?
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Re: Favor Help

  • BCsGalBCsGal member
    edited December 2011
    I would defintely go with something edible - it will always be a hit.  We did a cookie table, and the guests raved about it.  It was my MIL's idea - she lives in Youngstown, and it is tradition in that part of the country to do one.  Before she suggested that idea,  I wa planning on doing brownies.  Candy buffets are also popular. 
    I think a shot glass wouldn't appeal to a wide range of guests, and many people wouldn't take it home.  You could definitely do an edible favor inexpensively too. 
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  • osumegsosumegs member
    edited December 2011
    A friend did shot glasses and just threw away about half of what she bought when moving into her house. This was 3 years after the wedding. People just didn't take them home.

    I agree with the edible. Cookie or candy bars are always big :) 
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    One of my friends did a photobooth (which we planned on having anyways) but she had them make bookmarks out of them. Which was a nice way to remember the day. I was thinking of doing those mason cookie jars that have the dry ingredients for cookies and then all they would have to do is add the wet ingredients and bake. 
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    Definitely do something edible. We did M&M's (it is also our first initals) in our wedding colors. We bought some of those favor kits and put them in there. They were a little pricey, but not a single one was left after the wedding. We received many comments on them.

    Those little tulle bags are also really cheap, so if you do something with candy or cookies, you can buy a bunch of those (they come in all different colors) and stuff them in there.
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    We're doing white chocolate cheesecake pops with the chocolate dyed pink to match my colors.  A woman from my synagogue is making them for us for under $200 and my FI Steve LOVES them LOL.  We are also doing a candy table.  I got silver and pink takeout boxes from Oriental Trading and then designed and printed my own heart shaped personalized labels.  For the candy I got $50 worth of groupon certificates from the Nutty Guys where we will get the candy and nuts.  All together the candy table for about 150 people cost us under $100.  So that may be a cost effective idea to do as well as some small other favor.
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  • edited December 2011
    I say go edible. Shot glasses will be left on the table and a waste of $ IMO.

    We are doing buckeyes and gummy turtles.  We are getting married at OSU, FI went there, so the buckeyes make sense.  I went to University of Maryland (home of the Terps), so we are doing gummy turtles to represent that aspect. 
  • a-ingrama-ingram member
    edited December 2011
    We are making wine at Camelot Cellars in the Short North.  My parents and I have made wine at our home several times but didn't want to take on the task ourselves.  They have a winemaker assist you in making the wine (basically mixing the juice with water) and then after it's done you will go back to bottle, label and add the foil wrappers.  It's all included in the price and wasn't too expensive because we are doing a split (half bottle) for every couple.
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    Because I have heard mixed reviews about guests truly taking advantage of wedding favors (may not eat them or take them)...we are making a donation to Hospice in place of favors.  We will have a framed note at the guestbook table sharing details about the donation.  Since we are having a lot of food, we thought this would be the "money best spent" path to go.

  • edited December 2011
    Agree with pp, go edible.  I was in a friend's wedding in October and they had coozies as favors.  I can't tell you how many people left them behind.  

    We're having a photobooth and getting 2 copies for each photo, so one strip will go in our scrapbook and the other they can keep.  Also, my venue includes bags of candy in my package, so since it's already included we're doing some kind of chocolate (haven't figured out which one yet) and putting them in bride and groom favor boxes.
  • edited December 2011
    FI is from the Pittsburgh area so we'll have a cookie table/takeout containers for people to take home cookies.  That'll count as a favor...

    Also, FI is also a HUGE beer fanatic, so we're probably going to have like 20+ varieties of craft beers at the wedding.  Anyways, he wanted our favors to be beer koozies that say "To have and to hold and to keep your beer cold".  I can't decide if that's cute or trashy... lol  If we do the koozie thing, I'd probably only order enough for like 2/3 of the guests, and just put the beers from the bar in the koozie.  I don't want a million left over at the end of the night.
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  • PolarBearFansPolarBearFans member
    edited December 2011
    We did not do favors and nobody commented about them.  We had an open bar, great food and cake, great music. Everyone had a great time. We went around and personally thanked everyone for coming. We used the favor portion of our budget for valet parking since we had a downtown wedding. We didn't want our guests to have to pay for anything.

    We had fruit and mini cheesecakes along with our wedding cake, so there was something for everyone for desserts. Nobody missed the cookies or almonds that are so popular for favors.
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    We gave our each of our guests 2 glass coasters with different photos from our engagement session. My grandma also made a lot of traditional Italian cookies for people to eat at the reception to take with them (we had plenty left over- she made over 1000!) We weren't huge fans of doing edible favors because we're not sweets people and candy wouldn't be reflective of us, and more importantly, diabetes runs in both of our families and we didn't want to give favors that not everyone, especially our closest family members, could have.
  • AlliD11AlliD11 member
    edited December 2011
    We are doing heart shapped cookie cutters as our favors that I've put into cute bags w/ a tag on them that I made. Edible favors are always nice too though! :)
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