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Recommend a nice venue in DC?

I got engaged a few days ago.  Please send me any suggestions you have of a venue in DC.  Thank you

Re: Recommend a nice venue in DC?

  • jaderigginjaderiggin member
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    Hi, and congratulations!  I saw this place online while researching, it looks pretty nice.

  • Lisa50Lisa50 member
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    Well, it depends on the budget (of course).  There are some very wonderful venues here in DC, including some of the museums (National Gallery of Art; National Museum of Women in the Arts; the National Building Museum), hotels (Mandarin Oriental; St. Regis; Westin Grand; The Willard) and other venues (Cranford House; The Arts Club of Washington).  If you move out of the city and go into the close in suburbs, there is slightly lower pricing, but not by much.

    My challenge has been to find a place that fits within our tight budget of $9K - $10K (not including my dress and shoes ... ha!).  I have to think creatively and expand the distance.  For instance, when my fiance and I went to dinner on Friday, I asked the owner of the restaurant about having our ceremony and reception someplace that won't charge a fortune.  He had a couple of suggestions and offered his place as well. 

    I'm sure you'll find a good location.  Two good resources my fiance and I are using that we've found helpful: Washingtonian Bride and Groom magazine (Winter/Spring 2010) and The Knot DC, MD & VA magazine (Spring/Summer 2010).  Both magazines are giving us good ideas.

    Best of luck!
  • 2dBride2dBride member
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    Yeah, this is a tough area for budget brides.  My wedding ended up being about $11,000 (including not one but two dresses, pairs of shoes, etc.).  Brides from other areas would say that wasn't even a budget wedding.  But for us, it involved doing things like renting a club for the evening for our reception, then bringing in all the food and decorations ourselves.
  • Lisa50Lisa50 member
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    That's a good thought also, thanks.  Along those lines, there is the VFW hall on Capitol Hill and, I'm told, the FOP hall downtown @ Judiciary Square could be a good place, too.  It's just tough to find those types of spaces in the District.

    I think, if I talk to more restaurant owners, I may find something.  These guys/gals are so wired with others in the biz that I'm sure to find something.  *fingers crossed*  And heck, once their brunch crowd clears out on a Sunday, what are they going to do in the restaurant anyway??

    I'm lucky though; I have a nice long lead time, so I'm not freaking out ... yet.  Thanks for the ideas.
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    I recall that someone posted on here awhile back that the Sofitel in DC has a 7K minimum for wedding events, which I found to be much lower than anything I had looked into.  
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    I agree with Sofitel.. a while back they have a 6K min. and they are very reasonable with prices
  • razdazzlerazdazzle member
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    Check out the Carnegie Institute of Science - http://www.ciw.edu/events/building_rental .  It is a beautiful venue and not as expensive as many of the DC sites.  There is no minimum and you are free to bring in any caterer/vendor that you want.
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