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Pinnacle Golf Club vs. Franklin Park Conservatory vs. Darby House

Has anyone had their wedding at Pinnacle Golf Club? It looks beautiful but I am conscerned about the restaurant next door?

I'm also looking at Darby House and Franklin Park Conservatory. Any comments on these? Good or bad please let me know ASAP!!!!

Thank you!!!!

Re: Pinnacle Golf Club vs. Franklin Park Conservatory vs. Darby House

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    I've only been to FPC and I'm not sure when your wedding is but the Palm room is really muggy. IMO I would be sweaty and gross but I think the venitan room is air conditioned which would be great.

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    I am actually looking at the Venitician Room because the Palm House is so hot.

    Thank you!
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    Palm room at FPC is SO HOT!  I went to a wedding there last summer and we were all so sweaty and it wasn't even that hot of a day.  I am having my wedding at Pinnacle and I have been to a lot of events there (I live in Grove City) and it is always BEAUTIFUL!  I wouldn't be concerned with the restaurant. It is on the complete other side of the building, and the two crowds don't see each other at all.  HTH!
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    I looked at FPC and Darby House. I ultimately decided on Darby. My FI is always warm, and there was no way he would've been happy with FPC in the Spring. I would really talk to Kate at Darby. She's great :)
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    I went to a wedding at Darby.  It was beautiful.  I'm having my weding at Pinnacle this October, and I've never been to a wedding there but heard good things.  I though Darby House was a little cramped, so not sure how many people you're having but if its over 150 i'd say Darby is out.
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    I am having my wedding at FPC in the Palm House.  While people on here seem to talk about one of the negative sides of it (the heat), it is absolutely gorgeous and a very unique venue which is difficult to find in Columbus.  I think it really depends on what time of year you are having it, and in the Palm House they do their best to cool off the room.  But FPC also has other options which are cooler and air conditioned.  I don't know about PInnacle but I also checked out Darby House.  I really liked it but when I realized compared to FPC price-wise they were going to end up being about the same I just felt that FPC was more worth the money, since it is such a gorgeous backdrop for a wedding.  When I walked into the Palm House for the first time I just knew it was exactly what I wanted for my wedding.  It's obviously a very personal decision so you should go check out all of them and just go with your gut feeling!
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    Ive been to a wedding at the darby and there food is amazing and it is beautiful.  I think they are catered by Michelles.  FPC is nice but there reservation rates are a little high and I dont like the part of town they are in.
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