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recap-ish & few teaser pics

Finally right? LOL I am not even sure how to do a recap because there is so much to say...

The week leading up to the wedding was so stressful as I was trying to play a gracious hostess to all the family that came from out of the country -55 people- and our other guests while finishing up a million DIY projects (bad idea y'all)

We had a 2-day wedding (Saturday was an African celebration and Sunday was the church ceremony & reception)

so weird/silly but I was so busy that whole week that I ended up not getting a manicure. I realized it when the photographer was trying to take pictures of the ring on my hand. I was going to have a heart attack and kept hiding my fingers the whole day. LOL

Since DH added 8 people on Sat, I had to redo my seating chart and therefore my escort cards; so I was working on them from 2 AM after the African party till the morning of the wedding on Sunday...

I woke up with a migraine and my neurologist had to come to the hotel... Not a great way to start the wedding day

The stupid-ass DJ/band were 2 hours late. Thank God I gave them the wrong time but still we had to extend the cocktail hour to give them enough time to set up. and the fool has this raggy t-shirt and ugly old shorts because he didn't have the time to change. He played all the wrong songs (entrance, first dance, dance with my brother, cake cutting) I tried not to cry and DH kept telling me to come down. I am glad I listened because no one knew what went wrong. But they kept the party going once the formalities were out of the way

The bridesmaid decided to leave their bouquets in the room to go take the pictures and I felt like I was looking for them (the girls) throughout the whole day

One of the groomsmen passport expired (though I asked him over and over to check and he told me he did-liar!) and he couldn't come for the wedding and didn't bother to pick up the phone to let us know...
The coordinator at the hotel stole many of my stuffs. Enough said!

I know it sounds like a lot of things went wrong and they did, but the things that went right outweighed by far those that went wrong.... almost EVERYTHING else went perfectly well 
People had a fantastic time and I can't believe that everyone decided to party with us for 2 days straight
People felt like royalty and well catered to, which is exactly what I wanted. Besides sharing our love, the whole idea of the wedding was to tell our love ones in action how much we appreciate them!
DH was so happy and it made the whole head/heartaches of the planning worth it.

Thank you ladies for listening to all my rants, offering me advices, entertaining all my crazy thoughts and ideas, and just being yourselves. I love you all

Now unto the good stuffs: few teasers pics">

I wish they were more pictures to share (and I promised to share as soon as I have them) I can't wait to see the pictures of all the crazy little details, or the girls, or the guests, or anything else! LOL

feel free to leave a comment on the photog blog if you want...

Re: recap-ish & few teaser pics

  • luckyinloveazluckyinloveaz member
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    Beautiful!! Cant wait to see more, your guests were jamming on the dance floor:)
    Glad you enjoyed yourself even with the mishaps. Your married now that's the most important thing!!

  • flawlessfayflawlessfay member
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    Pas!! Your picutres are great!! The reception decorations were so gorgeous!! You and your DH looked sooo happy. I can't wait to see more~

    So glad to hear that the bad and the ugly didn't outshine the great parts of the day!!
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    Thank you ladies!
  • ufsweetiebearufsweetiebear member
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    You looked gorgeous! The reception looked like a blast!
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    Beautiful pics!  Beautiful decorations!  I love the way the cake was set up.  It looked like it was a great time!
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  • tamtam7tamtam7 member
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    WOW!  WOW!  That's all I can say!  I looooooove the dress.  Love the decorations, love the picture of you guys walking down the street.  But I knew the wedding was going to be fabulous, so I'm not surprised.  You looked absolutely gorgeous!  But I knew you would.  Thanks for sharing the pics.  It looked like everyone had an awesome time.  There's this one guy that I was cracking up at because he was doing some dance where he was sticking his butt out, I was like...ok...get it!  LOL!
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    Thank you ladies

    Tam, I am trying to remember what dance or song the butt-sticking-out was part of. LOL!
  • winter443winter443 member
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    Pasma, LOVE the pics! You and your hubby look great.  The decor at the reception is beautiful and it looks like everyone was having a good time on the dance floor!  Sorry about the bad and the ugly but so glad that the good things outshined them.
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    Oh wow!!! The pictures are just amazing. You looked awesome. Loved everything. It looked so unique and chic.

    Congratulations again. When's your move to the UK?

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    Thank winter!
    Wheatney, It looks like it's next month. I just have to set a date, which is not easy. Dh said no more pushing the date lol. he is putting his foot down (from June to July to now August) I am afraid of being jobless though I am sure it will be temporarily
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    Congratulations! Best reviews ever-LOL-very honest. I love the pics.
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    Your pictures are beautiful!!!
  • TysWife2BeTysWife2Be member
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    Oh Pas...I LOVE the pictures!

    I cant wait to see more!

    Everything was so gorgeous!!!

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    Great pics thanks for sharing!!
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  • essianessian member
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    Pas- I am sorry to hear that a lot of things went wrong on your special day.However, the important thing is that you married the man of your dreams.

    I love your dress. You looked amazing and Eric looked very happy.The decor was amazing and it looks like everyone had a good time too. Congrats!!!
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    O.M.D.!! (i.e. - OH MY DAMN!)

    Pasma gurlllllllllllllllllllllll (yep, my Southern accent in full affect), I am too through with you - YOU AND ERIC were just too cute together and damnit I loves it all!  I literally cannot contain my excitement for y'all and your wedding was in May but after looking at your beautiful teaser pics, hell it looks like it was just YESTERDAY! Girl you worked your butt off and the pics of your wedding reception decor (your attire was BANANAS but you know I already blasted you on FB about that...LOL!) truly shows how much time and energy you put towards planning for your wonderful event!

    Totally agree with pp, you may have had some bad issues to pop up but dangit girl you worked all those out and no one knew about them except for you, which doesn't lessen what all happened but the bigger picture was that your event went smoothly from the guests point of view!  The best part, IMHO, is how Eric appreciated all of your hard work and truly enjoyed everything that is PASMA.

    Oh my, oh my, I just feel like a proud momma bird again!!! 

    Thanks for sharing with the board chica!Laughing
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    Oh Pasma... Your pictures are simply beautiful!!!! Just beautiful!!!!
  • tamtam7tamtam7 member
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    In Response to Re: recap-ish & few teaser pics:
    Thank you ladies Tam, I am trying to remember what dance or song the butt-sticking-out was part of. LOL!
    Posted by Mypasmita
    Pas, he looks like he's doing the butt.  He's getting it, whatever he's doing.
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    Thank you ladies

    Alf- you got me teary eyed. You should feel like a proud mama bird, since you are the one who got me out of my shell on this board dinosaur years ago when I first joined....and with Brandi, Kaila, and other gals, you encouraged me way way in the beginning when I was so lost. You always had the right word for me.
    So thank you!
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    In Response to Re: recap-ish & few teaser pics:
    In Response to Re: recap-ish & few teaser pics : Pas, he looks like he's doing the butt.  He's getting it, whatever he's doing.
    Posted by tamtam7
    LOL. I think so too. hahaha!
  • DanielleB80DanielleB80 member
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    Wow Pas, your pics are so beautiful! You looked gorgeous, I love your dress. Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to see more. Smile

    Looking at your pics it doesn't look like anything went wrong. It all looked perfect. The guests looked like they had a blast out there on the dance floor LOL.
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    OMG - your pictures are AMAZING!!!! 
    And your dress - I can't stop looking at it - you wore it well and it looks stunning on you. 
    Love the street pictures, love the ring shot, love the details, the lamps - just gorgeous. 
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    WOW....Everything detail of your wedding and your dress is gorgeous and I love it.  Can't wait to see more!!!
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    Gorgeous pictures!!! I can't wait to see more!
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    Pasma, your pictures were gorgeous!!!!! No one would have been the wiser about your nail fiasco had you not told us. You were beautiful. Your decor was bananas. Thanks so much for sharing I enjoyed it!
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    Gorgeous pics!!  The gown is soooo gorgeous on you..on me, I looked like an overdecorated cupcake!  LOL  Very nice, very nice!  BTW- Gurl, you two made the funky heat we had in Philly on the 3rd look sooo cool.  Damn y'all are good!!!
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    OMGEEEE!!!! OMGEEE!!!! You are even more beautiful than I remembered PAS! I love every thing about your wedding! The decor was beautiful! I so can't wait to see more pictures!
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    Pasma I loved your pictures!

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    Thank you so much ladies!!

    Rhoyal, you are too much with the overdecorated cupcake. LOL. See my back fat in it?

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