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Barn Wedding

Since I've first been planning my wedding I always thought a barn wedding would be cute. I never went with the idea until my future mother in law showed me a photo of a barn wedding and it was beautiful. Coming from someone not in my family or his would someone please give me advice on this? I want a wedding where people can remember it and say it was beautiful instead of tacky. & if anyone has had a barn wedding could you give me some ideas? Thanks in advance

Re: Barn Wedding

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    I would just google it, or search some of the pictures on here.  I know I've seen some super cute ideas, but I can't remember where I saw them.  I've seen some gorgeous pictures of barn weddings that didn't look tacky at all.
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    American Village in Montevallo is one that has a big barn for weddings.
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    I am getting married at American Village in October...we are hoping to have our reception in the ballroom, but there is some litigation going on with it, so we might end up in the barn.  If so, I have seen some really pictures to make it look elegant including using white lights draped from the beams on the ceiling.  Also, check out Huckleberry Farm in Jasper.  They also have a barn used for weddings.
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    American Village in Montevallo is one that has a big barn for weddings.

    More information you can come here



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    I think a wedding in a barn is a GREAT idea!!! I went to one recently and it was so fun. They definitely made it their own. I found that the little things they did tied it all together. My photographer did their wedding (www.jenniferbischof.com) and each table number was a picture or collage of the couple that corresponded to the wedding. They had a yellow scooter to get away on and they used that in some of their photos. Dressed up in some with a pitchfork or other props...they were really fun and cute. I hope that helps. :D if you want more ideas I'll gladly share.

    Best wishes!
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    Google Once Wed.  If you haven't already been to the site for Once Wed, it's fantastic.  Specify "Rustic" under "Real Weddings" and you will see some fabulous photos of barn weddings.  Also, "DIY" under "Real Weddings" has a few good ones.  If you find a barn location here in Alabama that is on the cheap side, let me know.  :) 
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    www.janddfarms.com is a 40 farm with a beautiful barn available for barn weddings.
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    OP, your countdown and bio say that you're already married.  Are you doing a vow renewal?  Just curious.

    ETA:  Nevermind, I just noticed that this thread was started on 5/20/2010, lol.

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  • You should check out www.antebellumweddings.net for a barn wedding!!!! Perfect place!!!!
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    Check out Sweet Apple Farm, located in Pell City, Alabama.
    They have a 4500 sq ft. Crystal Chandelier Barn with an outside Wedding Stage right next to a pond.  www.sweetapplefarmal.com
  • There's a venue in gadsden / anniston that is still pretty new. It's called SouthWind Plantation. It has a massive 6,500 sq ft barn with outdoor ceremony sites. www.southwindplantation.com
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