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NWR: Pagan Christmas

An acquaintance (who claims herself to be a Messianic Jew) posted many statuses and links on Facebook on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day about Christmas being a pagan holiday and even going so far as to say it is a ridiculous holiday.

Even the day after Christmas, I saw this (I did not check my Facebook for two days for the holiday) and it struck a nerve and I am incredible angry. Several other people are angry about it, as she had more than 60 comments on this particular status. 

How do I respond to someone like this? Do I confront her, or do I just let it go and chalk it up to ignorance and rudeness?

Re: NWR: Pagan Christmas

  • iamjoesgurliamjoesgurl member
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    I would respond in truth but with few words.  I personally would acknowledge that the celebration of Christ's birth is on a date that was historically celebrated by pagans, but that it means ___ to me (fill in the blank with whatever you would say).  I have struggled with the fact that pagans celebrated the winter solstice and included trees, lights, yule logs, mistletoe and possibly other things we think of at Christmas time.  But I have decided to look at it positively and even though Jesus was probably not born in December, it is a date that we as Christians choose to celebrate His birth.  And it is truly an event worth celebrating!

    It is possible that your friend is being made to feel guilty about the celebration because of the pagan celebration which was also on 12/25.  It doesn't mean she needs to be rude to her other friends in making them feel bad about their faith.  But if you say anything, try to just respond with what the day truly means to you.
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    Wow, I agree with what iamjoesgurl said.  WELL stated, my friend.  :-) 
    July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!
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    I agree. Respond with truth, but few words. Don't try to change her beliefs, because it won't happen overnight. Don't get into an argument over it. If she responds back rudely or challenges you, just "agree to disagree", know that she's wrong, say a little prayer for her and move on. We can only do so much. 
  • KaitlinRichKaitlinRich member
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    As I was reading your post I remembered how my mom used to tell me, "God's word will not return void". If there is a time when I am in that situation, I try to use the scripture.

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    I don't know how to help you - I've got a messainic jew friend and she's very different. 

    Christmas has turned into a very pagan holiday though - have you noticed all the santa's and gifts? No one really seems to care about the real reason for the season. My FI and I decided we're starting a new tradition of not giving each other gifts. Instead, Christmas morning, we'll bake a bunch of muffins or donuts or some other breakfast goodies, and take to all the people who are missing out on Christmas with their families because they're working. (gas stations, malls, etc.) We'll pass out the goodies along with a bible tract or something that talks about the real reason we celebrate Christmas. 
  • ATandADATandAD member
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    Hey, I'm new here, but I wanted to comment on this because the same thing happened to me. A guy who left my church about a year ago and became a messianic jew posted almost identical things around the christmas season. It really upset me. I didn't say anything because I'm not usually one to start what, I know, with him, would become a heated conversation.haha, but what I really wanted say to him that it really doesn't matter what day we celebrate our saviour's birth on. The point is that as humans, we're selfish, and take things for granted and it's hard for us to remember how thankful we are for the gift God gave us on a daily basis and the point of christmas is to remember that gift. Christmas could be in the middle of August. The point of the celebration really has nothing to do with the day we celebrate it on.

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  • hdblainehdblaine member
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    The reason Christ's birth is celebrated on Christmas is because it was a pagan holiday. God told his people not to celebrate pagan holidays, so instead they celebrated Christ's birth. It was a way they could also celebrate Christ's birth with out being persecuted.  The same thing goes for Easter.  Hope this helps! :)
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