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Washing extensions

How do you wash your extensions?  And do you wash them after everytime you wear them? Do you put anything on them?

Re: Washing extensions

  • I have only washed mine once.  I just used regular shampoo I had at home.  The were OK afterwards, but definitely not like brand new.  I usually just wear mine until they wear out and then buy new ones.
  • My stylist told me i could wash them whenever I wanted to.  I think it depends on the extentions.  Mine were braided in and I LOVED them :) 

  • If it's real hair, you can wash them as often as you'd like, but because there are no natural oils they will not be as dirty as your natural hair.  To freshen them, you can sprinkle baby powder on your brush and brush it through the extensions.  If you get frizzies, it's easy to dip your comb in natural hair oils (I'm sure they have em where ever you got the extensions) and run the comb through the hair.
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